Pros and features of the exercise Frog

It is not a secret for anyone that movement is not only life, but also good health, as well as a slim and beautiful body. There are many different exercises, and one of them is the Frog. Learn how to do it correctly with maximum benefit.

What is this exercise?

Initially, “Frog” is one of the asanas in Kundalini yoga, but now it is a whole set of exercises that are included in various types of fitness, acrobatics, Pilates and other sports areas. There are several options for implementation, but they are all united by a common feature - the similarity with the body position of the frog. In almost all variations, the legs are wide apart, like the legs of a famous amphibian animal. And this is what allows you to achieve the effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, consider all the benefits of the exercise "Frog":

  • This is almost a universal exercise that has a complex effect on the body.
  • With proper performance, all muscle groups are worked through, which allows for a complex effect on a person’s muscular corset.
  • If you choose the appropriate version of the exercise, then even a person who does not have full physical training and is just starting to play sports can cope with it.
  • Exercise will help improve the relief of the body, become slimmer and more attractive.
  • You can work anywhere, including in a comfortable home environment.
  • No special tools are required for execution. All you need is to lay a soft mat on the floor.


  • Some options are quite complex, so novices will not cope with them.
  • Improper performance will be ineffective and may cause injury.


Exercise is very useful and has an impact in several ways:

  1. The study of abdominal muscles allows not only to make the stomach more flat, but also to adjust the digestion and even prevent the pelvic organs from falling.
  2. Strengthening the muscular back frame is a guarantee of a healthy, strong and not curved spine, as well as protection against scoliosis and osteochondrosis.
  3. Stronger hands. Such an effect is useful for men who perform physical work, but it is also useful for women as it removes skin sagging.
  4. Increased elasticity of the buttocks and hips. These parts of the body are some of the most sexy and outstanding, and with regular exercises they will become more attractive.
  5. Improved coordination. The classic version involves balancing the body, which allows one to gain dexterity, improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, increase concentration, and achieve coordination of movements.
  6. Exercise will help get rid of extra pounds and become slimmer.

Who should not do the exercise?

The exercise "Frog" has some contraindications, which include recent surgery, internal bleeding (including an unidentified etiology), pregnancy, injuries or severe illness. It is necessary to exercise caution to people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Possible embodiments

How to do the exercise "Frog"? In general, it is advisable to first read the instructions, understand and remember the sequence, as well as evaluate their capabilities and strengths.There are several embodiments in which attention is paid to different groups of muscles. Below are the most famous and popular methods.

Classic Edition

How to sit in the classic pose "Frog"? Act in stages:

  1. Sit on your heels (on your toes), lean on your palms with your fingers apart. Bend your arms slightly, place your knees at the level of your elbows and press them to them. The body should form a diagonal line, with the eye directed forward. Take a deep breath.
  2. Concentrate, move the center of gravity on your hands, start slowly tearing your legs off the floor, keeping your balance.
  3. If you manage to hold on, connect the soles so that your feet form a shape resembling a rhombus.
  4. Try to stay in this position for a few seconds.
  5. Rest your legs on the pedestal, relax, exhale.

Required to perform ten to twenty repetitions.

Option for abdominal muscles

This option is ideal for the press, as it fully develops it. Performance:

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees, spread them apart and join the feet. Arms either cross over your chest, or behind your head.
  2. Tighten the press, lift the body, linger in the top position for a couple of seconds.
  3. Lower the torso, but try not to touch the floor with the shoulder-blades at all, or to barely touch the support.
  4. Immediately start doing the next climb.

It is advisable to make three to five sets of at least fifteen repetitions.

Important: the press must always be at maximum tension, but at the same time the legs remain relaxed. Do not strain your neck.

Variant for the legs

This exercise option is perfect for stretching the legs. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Stand on all fours, knees as much as possible spread to the sides so that the thighs and lower legs of both legs are approximately at right angles to each other. In this case, the soles of the feet should be directed upwards, this will allow the muscles of the inner parts of the thighs to work out to the maximum.
  2. The body slowly and smoothly lower down, bringing the forearm to the floor.
  3. Hold in the lower position for half a minute or longer, breathe deeply and evenly.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position.

To achieve positive results, repeat steps 7-10 times and take two approaches.

Dynamic option

This option helps to improve the tone of the muscles of the whole body, perfectly strengthens the buttocks and thighs and helps to develop flexibility.

Your actions:

  1. Initial posture: Lie on your stomach and make a deflection in the lumbar region.
  2. Legs bend in the knees, hands grasp their fingers.
  3. Exhale and at the same time gently and slowly with your hands press down on the foot, gradually bringing them closer to the buttocks. If you can, touch the buttocks to the buttocks, linger in this position. In this case, the hips should remain pressed to the floor: the body rises.
  4. Take a deep breath, return to your original position.

At least twenty repetitions.

If you exercise regularly, you can achieve good results. Choose the appropriate option and start training!

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