Quick and tasty chicory kvass

Everyone knows that kvass has always been considered a traditional drink in Russia. Times change, but the foundations remain the same. Like many years ago, delicious, spicy kvass is appreciated for its unusual taste and invigorating power. There are several options for making kvass, one of which is the below described method. Delicious kvass can be made from regular chicory. The result will surpass all expectations. The main advantage for the culinary specialist is that you do not need to spend a lot of time preparing sourdough, as it happens with bread kvass. In addition, kvass from chicory has a good effect on the work of the heart and cleans the intestines rather well. A cooled drink will give a large energy charge to the body and improve human performance! Such a brew is worth a try!


It takes 5 liters of water:
  • - 250 grams of beet sugar.
  • - 20 grams of citric acid.
  • - 10 grams of peppermint tincture.
  • - 2 tablespoons of instant chicory.
  • - 11 grams of fast-acting yeast.
  • - a sprig of fresh mint.

The sequence of preparation of chicory kvass

1. Prepare the pot. Pour water into it. The liquid must be clear. The temperature does not matter, the main thing is not to use boiling water.
Kvass from chicory
2. In the pot you need to pour sugar and citric acid. After that, infuse peppermint tincture. It will add a piquancy to the taste of the future drink.
Kvass from chicory
Kvass from chicory
Kvass from chicory
3. Immediately, pour chicory. Stir all ingredients with a spoon. Put the pan on the stove. The fire can be made large, it is important that the liquid be brought to a boil. As soon as it boils, immediately turn off the fire.
Kvass from chicory
Kvass from chicory
4. Cool the drink to a temperature of 35 degrees. Pour the yeast. It's good to mix everything. Yeast must be completely dissolved in the drink. To pour kvass on ready bottles. The container must be sterile.
Kvass from chicory
Kvass from chicory
Kvass from chicory
5. In order for the brew to turn out to be carbonated, you need to add to each bottle - 2-3 leaves of fresh mint. If mint is not, then raisins will do. After preparing the brew, immediately send it to a cool place. Drink a drink chilled.

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