Rainbow Wall Clock

The Raduga Wall Clock- a pretty and iridescent wall clock with your own hands. The master class is suitable for creative activities with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. 12 ice cream sticks;
  2. clockwork;
  3. thin plywood;
  4. bottle cap;
  5. acrylic paints and brushes;
  6. thin foam;
  7. glue;
  8. jigsaw;
  9. building knife.

Step 1

Take the sticks of ice cream and paint it with multicolored paints. We cut out 12 circles from the thin foam plastic for the dial numbers, then draw numbers on them and paint them with different colors.

Step 2

On a sheet of plywood draw a circle and cut out with a jigsaw, the edges will be treated with sandpaper. In the center, a hole for the shaft of the clockwork was drilled. Paint the surface of the dial. On the reverse side, we divide the dial into 12 parts.

Glue   to the dial sticks from ice cream so that they stand for the dial.Glue circles to the sticks.

In the bottle cork, make a hole to hang the clock on the wall, and glue it to the dial. Glue the clock mechanism and set the arrows.Rainbow clockready.

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