We are restoring the Soviet writing desk with the help of staining and “Provence decor”

  • Anonymous

    the table must be painted and thrown away

  • Anonymous

    Shit was - shit and left ...

  • Anonymous

    DO NOT paint things for the room with exterior paint! She has a rate of emission of harmful substances designed for outdoor air flow. Take care of yourself!

  • Clever Masha

    They often try to make sweets from shit, but they turn out to be ugly, smelly and absolutely inedible. The table of such a plan is worth three thousand. So was it worth bothering? If you like to paint, then paint the benches in the park, people will say thank you.

  • Alice

    Greetings such creativity! Respect) And to condemn, not doing, we are all much)

  • a guest

    I'm for decoration in all its meanings. But. To paint an ugly old table from Soviet pressed sawdust, which swelled in places, crumbled in places ... This is fi.

  • Anonymous

    If the table and pens are painted in pure white or any other pastel color with good matte acrylic paint, and the frames on the boxes,contour around the perimeter of the tabletop and the edges of the handles toned with a patina, change the leg to the figured wooden one, then the table will have a more noble look.

  • Natalia

    Sawdust furniture in principle is not recommended to buy.

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