Russian wedding traditions and ceremonies

In recent years, modern youth is increasingly showing interest in organizing weddings in compliance with long-standing traditions and rituals. In Russia, the wedding ceremony consisted of several stages, which both the groom and the bride had to go through. For example, about 100 years ago, the Russian wedding ceremony, as in most Slavic countries, consisted of matchmaking, bridegang, engagement, redemption, wedding, celebration and wedding night.

Traditions and rituals from the list listed above are still partially fulfilled today, but few know how to properly conduct ceremonies in the Old Russian style. Therefore, to hold a wedding according to the old Russian traditions, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the essence of each ceremony and custom, because the holding and execution of each wedding ceremony in those times was considered a pledge to create a strong and happy family. So, get acquainted - before you a detailed description of the rituals of the Russian wedding.


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The first and very important stage of the wedding ceremony was matchmaking, which was the preliminary negotiations of the parents by the groom with the bride's parents. By tradition, the bridegroom's parents were choosing the bride. And very often young people did not even guess about it. Before the bride was invited to marry the whole family, the groom's godparents were invited and decided whether to take the chosen girl to wife.

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