Spruce cones salad

This salad is the real decoration of the New Year's table. Agree, the view is very original, like many New Year's recipes. And the taste is just delicious.



200 g smoked chicken
150-200 g of processed cheese
3-4 potato tuber
3 eggs
1 onion head
1 can of canned corn
nuts (any)
mayonnaise (homemade mayonnaise is better)


1. Cook until ready the potatoes. You can even wear a uniform. Then three on a coarse grater. Similarly we do with chicken eggs.
2. Prepare other ingredients for layers. Chicken need to chop, can be cut into small cubes.
3. Shred onions. It should be done quite finely. To be not so bitter, pour boiling water.
4. Cheese three. Chop nuts and combine with cheese.
5. Ingredients lay out layers. It is better to use a flat dish for this. Each is stapled with mayonnaise. We make out in the form of two rounded slides, imitating the shape of fir cones.
6. Layers should be in this order - first potatoes, then chicken meat and onions, then eggs. At the very end of the corn and nut-cheese mixture.
7At the end, spruce cones smear mayonnaise and decorate with almonds, gently stuck it.

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