What are the main indications for using Salvisar ointment?

The tool is prescribed for acute and chronic conditions, accompanied by pain in muscles, tendons, joints:

  • injuries, bruises, bruises, sprains, etc .;
  • myofascitis, myositis and other syndromes accompanied by myalgia;
  • arthritis, bursitis, capsulitis, arthrosis and other diseases of the joints and joint membranes;
  • pain in the joints for no apparent reason - arthralgia;
  • neuralgia.


"Salvisar" ointment can be used at home and as part of multicomponent therapy in various medical institutions for rehabilitation after traumas and injuries, accompanied by severe soreness, hematomas and mobility restriction. In addition, Salvisar is an excellent means to recover from the received professional injuries in athletes.

Based on the results of the research, "Salvisar" ointment has the following effect:

  • relieves pain;
  • eliminates swelling and stress;
  • restores muscle elasticity;
  • removes the feeling of "constraint";
  • activates blood circulation;
  • improves lymphatic drainage;
  • increases neurotrophic processes;
  • restores mobility and range of motion in joints and muscles.


Unlike many NSAIDs, the drug "Salvisar" does not have a pronounced irritant effect on the skin. Due to this, the ointment has been widely used in patients with sensitive skin who have a tendency to contact reactions. Due to its deep effect on tissues and improved blood flow, Salvisar increases metabolism of connective tissue, activating the production of elements of cartilage and intraarticular fluid. In addition, the friendly use of chondroprotectors, increases their bioavailability due to targeted delivery to the area of ​​pathological damage. This property of the ointment is used during the complex treatment of chronic degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints.

Why precisely poison viper?

Unlike poisons of cobra, gurzy and other venomous snakes, venom of viper has a pronounced analgesic effect.In addition, the secret of the adder glands, unlike, for example, the cobra's venom, does not have an anesthetic effect on the skin.

In patients with a tendency to chronic injury Salvisar ointment accelerates tissue repair, inhibits the formation of adhesions and gross adhesions, increases collagen production and, as a result, restores the elasticity of ligaments and muscles, leads to an improvement in the plasticity of the entire musculoskeletal system.

The drug has a beneficial effect on the microcirculation, due to which subcutaneous and intermuscular hematomas are absorbed more quickly, and the outflow of lymphatic fluid is restored.

How safe is the use of salvisar ointment?

  • The components of the drug are safe and extremely rarely can cause adverse reactions. In this regard, the use of this agent is not contraindicated in patients with a tendency to allergic reactions.
  • Viper venom has no effect on the hemostatic system, does not increase the risk of bleeding and other similar complications, unlike the venom of other snakes.
  • The drug has a delicate local irritating effect. The feeling of “warmth” that the patient is experiencing is associated with a deep penetration of the drug into the tissue and is not accompanied by a local burning sensation at the site of the ointment.
  • The main analgesic effect is provided by the impact on pain receptors of sensory nerve endings.
  • The drug is so safe that it can be administered to children from 6 years of age.

Advantages of the new Salvisar Duet packaging

Ointment "Salvisar" is used only as an external remedy and only in the absence of visible damage to the skin. Tubes of 25 g packed in cardboard boxes. The drug should be stored in the package, since the active ingredients of the drug are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.


Since August 2017, a new form of packaging has appeared on the shelves of pharmacies, which contains 2 tubes of 25 g each in a single cardboard box. Thanks to this proposal, patients have an additional opportunity to use the product more efficiently. Since you often have to use the ointment twice a day, you can keep one tube at home and use the second one at work. In addition, the cost of such a new Salvisar Duet package will be less than two separate packages.

A small tube with a capacity of 25 g is convenient for storage both in the home medicine cabinet and in the travel case.With short-term use of ointment, 25 g is enough for a single course application.

Tubes are packed in a monochrome cardboard box, on the surface of which is applied a picture imitating the skin of a snake. The Salvisar Duet will not go unnoticed thanks to its stylish packaging and effective content inside.

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