Scarlett Johansson - the highest grossing Hollywood actress

What makes a movie a box office? You can not go wrong if you say that the name Scarlett Johansson in the credits! The site Box Office Mojo tracked the fees of all the films that have appeared at the box office lately, and revealed that the participation of the blonde in the films filled up the box office by 3.3 billion (for a minute!) Dollars. Thus, Scarlett can be called the highest grossing actress of our time.

The second no less interesting point: Scarlett was in the ranking of the only woman in the men's company. And even if she has the honorable 10th place, not a single actress can yet boast the same results: she can still collect cash only for men. Thus, Harrison Ford is still in the lead of the box office (films with his participation brought in $ 4.8 billion), Samuel L. Jackson ($ 4.6 billion) ranked second, and also in the top ten Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey. Jr., Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, Michael Caine and, surprisingly, still Johnny Depp.

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