"Sex and the City": how the life of the series prototypes

Candace Bushnell became a recluse, and the man of her dreams became a farmer.

On December 1, Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, celebrated her 57th birthday. The writer has repeatedly admitted that Kerry Bradshaw is her alter ego: she also let down all fees on her shoes and did not hesitate to share the secrets of her friends in the column. There was in her life and Mr. Big, suddenly married a young beauty. Woman�s Day found out what happened to the prototypes of the characters of the series and what the actors who performed their roles are doing now.

Real Kerry: Candace Bushnell

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The story of the columnist who �knows everything about sex� is largely autobiographical. After moving to New York from the province, she first worked as a saleswoman in a clothing store and a waitress. The only thing that changed the writer - the history of the family. In the series, Kerry�s upbringing was her mother � her father left when she was 5 years old.In fact, Candace still regards his father, a scientist who worked on the Apollo space program, to be his best friend. It was he who supported her when she left the university and went to conquer the Big Apple.

Between all these, �A beer mug on the fifth table!� And �Don't you have the same, but with mother-of-pearl buttons?� Bushnell had time to write for magazines, go to clubs and hang out with celebrities. However, sometimes she even had nothing to pay for a rented apartment.

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That all changed in 1994, when the editor of the New York Observer suggested 35-year-old Candace to write articles on any topic - about what she understands best. So there was a column "Sex and the City". Stories about single women and their encounters with the "rabbits" and "gherkins" instantly became popular.

Once parents, embarrassed, admitted that they subscribed to the newspaper. And Candace came up with a pseudonym with her initials - Kerry Bradshaw. A year later, the publishing house offered to release a collection of articles. At the same time, at one of the secular parties, the journalist met the man of the dream - the publisher of Vogue Ron Galotti.

�I called him Mr. Big because he was like a big man on campus.He is one of those guys with charisma that everyone is paying attention to when they enter the room, �she explained.

In 96th year, producer Darren Star bought the rights to a collection of columns. That same year, Galotti and Bushnell broke up.

�I was crazy about him, and he fell in love with another and suddenly married her,� Candace sobbed.

So know: when Kerry shouts to Bigu in a restaurant: �You said you never get married! You tied me for two years, and you became engaged to a girl after five months of dating! �, This is not just an episode. This, if you will, is a message. Spitting Candace in the back of outgoing Ron.

Candace Bushnell and the man of her dreams Ron Galotti
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In order not to go crazy, she plunged into work. She worked with the screenwriters on the first two seasons. Only the images of three friends have changed dramatically: in the book Charlotte is an unfettered English journalist, Miranda is the sexy director of cable TV (and, by the way, curly brunette), and Samantha is a film producer. As for Big, he was supposed to disappear from the series after marrying Natasha, but the spectators were so fond of the character that they invented a continuation of the story for him.

At 40, Candace met a young banker. They met for 2.5 years, but when the journalist started talking about the wedding, the suitor ran away. Bushnaell promised herself that from now on she would not spend a single evening at home. And somehow, having gone to the theater, I met 33-year-old Charles Askegard, a ballet dancer. Two months later, they were married on the ocean. Galotti sent a luxurious bouquet with a card.

By the way, Darren Star later admitted that Alexander Petrovsky (in the series he is played by Mikhail Baryshnikov, a ballet dancer) appeared in the series as a tribute to Charles, who managed to win Bushnell so quickly.

The couple lived together for almost 10 years, but in 2011 the writer learned that her husband cheated on her with a young ballerina.

�After the divorce, I suddenly felt like an outcast: I was not approved of a mortgage, I felt sorry for me everywhere,� recalls Bushnell. �There is something heroic about being lonely.�

She now lives on a ranch in Connecticut and is trying to sell a two-room apartment in Manhattan.

After �Sex and the City,� Candace released 9 books, including Fondant Jungle and The Kerry Diaries, for which the series were shot. This summer came the detective "Murder of Monica".

�Now I feel very calm,� Bushnell admits. - I cook a lot, ride a horse, play with dogs. I often see my father, sisters and nephews. People ask if I would like to have children. No, in this respect, I am the absolute Kerry. I have always been focused on a career and seem to have succeeded in this. �

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