Shelf for shoes do it yourself

Shelf for shoes do it yourselfSo that the accumulation of shoes does not spoil the atmosphere and the comfort of the hallway, it is customary to put it on a separate shelf. This piece of furniture can be purchased at every furniture store. But, as a rule, it is not so easy to make a choice. Or the sizes do not fit, or the design does not fit. If you are a creative person and like experiments, a shelf for shoes with your own rivers is a real treasure for you. And talent is where to apply, and shoes can be compactly placed.
The option of the shelf, proposed below in the photo and video, has a lot of positive qualities:

  • Firstly, it is roomy and compact at the same time.
  • Secondly, a well-thought-out design allows it to be used as a bench, which is very convenient when wearing shoes.
  • Thirdly, the appearance of such a product is quite expensive and presentable. Shelf 900x350x524 is very easy to manufacture, but at the same time has an unusual, original equipment.

Shelf for shoes do it yourself


Material preparation

All work begins with the preparation of the material.First you need to order cut LDSP on the following details:

  • product cover - 900x350x16
  • rear wall - 868x508x16
  • two side walls - 508x350x16
  • bottom shelf - 868x334x16
  • middle shelf - 868x279x16
  • base - 868x80x16
  • front wall of drawers - 868x96x16
  • the bottom of the boxes - 868x313x16
  • drawer divider - 313x80x16

If you decide to cut the plate yourself, expect the formation of chipped coating, but this, in fact, also does not matter. On the sides you can fill the T-shaped PVC-edging.

In addition to the main parts, you will need other materials and tools:

  • melamine edge
  • shelf support - 4 pcs
  • Confirmations and stubs for them
  • furniture dowels
  • magnetic latches - 2 pcs
  • door hinges - 2 pcs.


When all the details are ready, you can proceed to the next stage. Making the markup, remember these points:

  • the front wall of the drawers and the base are placed 5 mm deeper than the ends of the side walls;
  • when drilling from the butt it is necessary to retreat at least 5 cm from the edge of the product;
  • we use furniture dowels for fastening the front wall to the bottom of the drawers and the distributor, as well as the separator with the front, back wall and bottom of the drawers;
  • since the middle shelf will be fixed to the shelf supports, you can pre-schedule several optimal positions.



At the end of the markup chipboard, make a sufficient number of holes SCREW, dowel and shelf support. If chipping occurs along the way, clean them with a small drill with a stone. In order to avoid a through hole, glue a piece of electrical tape to the drill at the correct height.

Melamine edge

Before assembling the shelves for shoes made of wood, it is necessary to paste over the visible ends of the edge. Using sandpaper, damp cloth and iron you will cope with the process quickly and seamlessly.

Melamine edge

Assembling the shoe shelf with your own hands

When all the previous steps are completed, and the parts are fully operational, you can begin assembly. First, connect the stiffener (back wall) and side panels. Further confirmatics fasten the lower shelf and base.
We connect three parts of the boxes with the help of dowels greased with glue. You will have a separate part - the front wall with a bottom and a separator.

Assembling the shoe shelf with your own hands

Next, carefully paste the drawer unit into the main structure. Using door hinges, attach the product cover to the back panel.

We put the shelf supports and fix the shelf on them. If you have drilled holes on three different levels, you will have an excellent opportunity to rearrange the shelf, depending on the season and height of the shoes used.

Actually, at this final moment the question: "How to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands," can be considered closed. Now you have at your disposal a compact, durable, stylish and durable shelf for shoes. You can not stop there and make some upgrade. If time and desire allows, trim the top lid with foam rubber and a soft, durable cloth. Thus, you will make the seating area even more comfortable, and the product itself will become the author.

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