Sherlock, you are a woman! The best detectives in skirts

Recently, it is often the case that films made about men are duplicated in the performance of a female team. After “The Bachelor Party in Vegas” a “Bachelorette Party in Vegas” appeared, and the iconic “Ghostbusters” took over the baton from the new “Ghostbusters” with beautiful Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Uig. But the lady-detectives from the series, which we remembered, not the feminine version of male characters. These brave detectives in skirts have something that no single representative of the stronger sex has — female intuition.

“She wrote murder”: writer Jessica Fletcher

The American series, which started in 1984, lasted twelve seasons. Those who watched at least a couple of episodes, certainly fell under the spell of the lovely old lady Jessica Fletcher performed by Angela Lansbury.

After the death of her husband, an English teacher, Jessica Fletcher, was busy writing detective stories. Active lady was not sitting still, she traveled a lot,collecting material for books, made new acquaintances and often turned out to be in the center of very mysterious events that confused even experienced police officers. It was then that came to the rescue with her attention to detail and the sudden talent of detective Jessica Fletcher.

“Prime Suspect”: Police Inspector Jane Tennyson

The British mini-series of 1991 with Helen Mirren in the role of professional cop Jane Tennyson. The heroine has to not only investigate the brutal murder, but also fight for equality in the men's team. Helen Mirren played a woman, strong and impenetrable at work, and out of service, vulnerable and rather unhappy.

In 2011, a cute remake of the “Prime Suspect” was shot with Maria Bello, who also showed two facets of her heroine.

Murder on the Beach: Police Officer Ally Miller

On the deserted beach of the English town of Broadchurch they find the body of a local eleven-year-old boy. The mystery of the schoolboy's death is trying to solve the local police detective Elli Miller (the wonderful Olivia Coleman), who knows all the residents as flaky, and the search star comes just after a fresh nervous breakdown - Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant).

In the course of the investigation, in each house of a small tourist town of Broadchurch, skeletons fall out of the cabinets with a deafening roar, unpleasant facts and vile stories are revealed. And the answer to the question "Who killed the boy Danny Latimer?" Will be very painful ...

Following the British “Broadchurch” in 2014, the American “Gracepoint” was already done, where the foreign inspector plays the same “Doctor Who” David Tennant, and the woman police officer - Anna Gunn.

Fargo: Bermidji police sergeant Molly Solverson 

Suddenly a worthy serial remake of the Coen brothers' bloody and brutal tragicomedy. Fortunately, no one wanted to beat anyone, and the woman sergeant from the series, played by Allison Tolman, did not in any way compete with the ideal heroine, Francis McDormand, but simply occupied her niche. Outwardly, a little naive (perfect quality for a cunning detective), stubbornly bending his line, she shares screen time with two criminals: an envious weak neurotic who killed his wife (Martin Freeman), and a cold-blooded and ironic serial killer (Billie Bob Thornton).

"Those Who Kill": Boston Police Detective Catherine Jensen

The series of 2014 finished the only first season with a dizzyingly dangerous ellipsis, but is still perceived as a completed project.

Chloe Sevigny plays a police detective Catherine Jensen, one of the best in her department. Together with the doctor of psychology Thomas Shaffer, Catherine is dealing with a serial killer. The series noticeably breaks into two lines: the police-detective and personal dramatic life story of Catherine, the leading beginning from childhood, in which violence was committed ...

Separate pleasure - gloomy-noir atmosphere with which the antics of Chloe Sevigny perfectly match.

"Bridge": Detective of the Swedish police Saga Noren

On the bridge dividing Sweden and Denmark, find the body of a woman lying exactly in the middle. Representatives from the Swedish and Danish police are taking action ...

The grim Scandinavian detective series has already become a classic, and autistic Saga Noren performed by Sofia Helin - the favorite character of many spectators.

The saga does not understand humor and is not capable of empathy, it sees the world from a particular angle and does its job perfectly. Just because it can not otherwise.

"No offense": Detective Diana Kowalska

Witty and poignant in the final, the British television series, just entered the second season, is devoted to the workdays of employees of the police department of Manchester. In the producers - Paul Abbott, who invented the "Shameless".

The police department is the kingdom of India. At the head is the wise Viv with perhydrol and manners of the station steward, in her submission a nervous and courageous Diana and an unsure mama's daughter Joy. The most important meetings are held in the toilet, jogging for the killer is committed in stockings, and visits to the drug dealer are in the full ammunition of the girls of easy virtue.

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