Shoes at the prom: fashion 2015

The graduation ball is a joyful, and at the same time an exciting event in the life of any schoolgirl. As a rule, girls carefully choose a dress, do a hairdress and a make-up, and shoes choose in the last turn. Although it is the shoes that can perfectly complete the image or on the contrary spoil the whole holiday. In the article we will tell you about the new products of 2015 and give recommendations on the choice of shoes. Be beautiful and irresistible!

Making the right choice

When you go to the store to buy shoes for prom, grab a dress with you. So you definitely can not go wrong with the color of the model. You should be comfortable in shoes, because you will spend all night on your feet, dance and participate in contests. Therefore, if you rarely wear shoes with heels, it is better to choose for yourself platform shoes or ballet flats. Believe me, there is nothing worse than pain in the legs and uncertain gait. Especially this applies to the pupils of the 9th grade, who do not necessarily have to be higher than their classmates by half a head.Heel height may be different. For a long elegant dress, a hairpin will fit, and for a medium-length outfit a small heel. Be sure to carry the shoes to the prom, or else it will reap.

Fashionable prom shoes

Flats are firmly in vogue and still do not lose their popularity. So, if you decide to give preference to comfortable shoes, then feel free to go for ballet shoes. Designers offer a variety of shades. The photo shows a black classic model with a bow. Modest and elegant.

An alternative option for ballet flats is open sandals in patchwork style. They seem to be made of pieces of multi-colored leather. By the way, this model is suitable for any dress.

Also in the trend of 2015 - low-heeled pumps. In them you will be comfortable and convenient. Designers use stones-rhinestones and brilliant material in their models. A variety of popular colors are represented in the picture.

Of course, the fashion will be an elegant hairpin, thanks to which any girl becomes sexy and incredibly feminine.

As for colors, designers in the upcoming season emit several colors. First of all, it is classic black.It fits any outfit. White shoes on a small heel emphasize the tenderness and femininity of nature. They are more suitable for a pink, blue or purple dress. Red shoes will attract the attention of classmates, and are more suitable for relaxed girls. Designers also offer prints of stripes and colors. A platform can be decorated with carvings or cloth.

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