Shopping and entertainment centers: methods to attract customers

�Stray and buy

�Despite the fact that the shopping center is a relatively modern phenomenon, it is not easy to figure out in its depths where the very necessary store is located. Yes, at the entrance you will find a fun color scheme. Only �buy a pair of Benetton T-shirts and get out� is unlikely. Navigation for the Mall is deadly. His goal is to let you in and not let go as long as possible. So you have to wander and wander, diving into the one and in this shop, and over that - so, look, along the way. And the shopping center will do everything to make the process as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
�For example, in shopping centers there are often excellent bathrooms - spacious, decorated with good materials. However, hidden as far from the entrance as possible. Come on, try to reach them without missing a couple of sales!
�The same principle is very often: getting there is a long time, there are many temptations along the way. Going only to the bathroom, just having a snack or just buying a bag of milk will not work.

�All for you - just waste!

�It is easy to reach the shopping center - as a rule, it is equipped with a large free parking lot, where there are always free places. Often, the nearest metro station also runs a free shuttle bus.
��A place where everything is� sounds seductive! Especially since this �everything� offers you such comfortable conditions: a roof over your head, always good weather and a friendly atmosphere. Even if you do not need anything - just come to rest!
�On the first floor of the shopping center, the least visited stores are usually located - jewelry, eyewear and luxury goods stores. Feel worthy of this place! Walk along the windows! Even if you just need the pants from �H and M�.
�A grocery supermarket, usually also located on the ground floor (of course, not at the entrance), can work around the clock, unlike the center itself. Buyers should know that they can come to the mall at any time of the day or night for groceries!
�If you manage to find an elevator and break through the endless boutiques to the topmost floor - you can eat cheap, tasty and varied. The food court is organized according to the market square principle: rows of adjacent windows of different cafes, where you will be given an order on a tray, are surrounded by a huge number of tables with chairs. Buy a soup in one cafe, a drink in another, or just eat a sandwich captured from the house. Here, on the upper floors, there is a whole entertainment industry: cinemas, bowling, skating rink.
�Shopping centers need absolutely everything! Children have fun in a special children's room, while parents are loaded with goods. Teenagers have dates, pre-free testing of makeup. You will get braids, make a manicure, give you a stack of discount coupons and issue a credit card in 15 minutes. Buy on health! Tired will not work: around the center are usually placed soft alluring sofas. Sit, do a light massage in a special chair, relax ... and you can continue!

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