Simple and tasty milk ice cream with cherries

Cherries are among the berries that rarely get into the dishes fresh, but they become an excellent filling, an addition to the basic taste. Ice cream is a neutral sweet product, there are no special delicacies. Cherries, falling into the milk base, soften their own acid and transform unassuming ice cream. A cool dessert appears on the plate with cherry color, taste and aroma. The structure of ice cream is exactly the same as that of desserts, languishing in supermarket freezers.


  • cherry (with stones) - 150 g,
  • eggs - 2 pcs.,
  • sugar - 130 g,
  • milk - 250 ml,
  • sour cream 15% - 150 g,
  • starch - 1.5 tsp.
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherries

The sequence of preparation of dairy ice cream with cherries

1. They pick up a heavy handful of berries, pour cherries into a basket. This amount is enough for 6 servings of ice cream. If there is a choice, cherries select the darkest and ripe. 2.Cherries can be collected by eye, and you can not do without accurate weighing of sugar. Sugar is involved in creating the structure of ice cream. A measured amount of sweet sand is placed in a saucepan. One tablespoon of sugar is put in another dish to beat along with the yolks.
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry
3. In a creamy dessert, there can be fatty homemade sour cream, and the store is suitable for light dairy ice cream. Sour cream is mixed with sugar.
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry
4. Dilute sweet sour cream with milk, stir a lot. The milk base is heated, but does not allow it to boil. The fire is turned off before the bubbles appear, indicating boiling.
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry
5. Break the eggs, separating the yolks.
Simple and delicious dairy ice cream with cherry
Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherries
6. In the yolks put starch and a tablespoon of sugar.whisk to uniform and easy foaming.Simple and tasty dairy ice cream with cherry
7. Whipped yolks are poured into a pan with a milk base. The yolk mass is trickled to prevent clots from forming. All whisk the blender at low speed, so that the spray does not fly in different directions.

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