Skeleton of beads

A simple lesson on beading. Making a funskeleton of beads, which can be hung on a key chain or as a decoration for Halloween.

Materials and tools:

  1. black and white beads;
  2. black copper wire;
  3. Nippers, Pliers and Pliers.

Step 1

We are starting to weave a little man. We bite off a piece of wire. We string 4 white beads on a wire, fold the wire and pass both ends through one bead. Then we string 3 more beads.

Let's bend the wire and put on 5 more beads. Next, wrap one end of the wire around the other and bite off the excess.

Repeating this step, we are doing the second leg.

Step 2

Getting to weave the body. We thread the ends of the wire legs through 3 beads, then 4, 2 times 1 white. Next, add the black beads. And so, the next row: 3 - black, white, black; 5 whites; 5 - 2 black, 1 black, 2 black; 4 whites. The little man's body is finished.

Shaving the handle.On each of the ends we string 10 beads, then we bend the wire and pass it back through the beads, starting with 4 (see the figure).

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