Sliding wardrobes: choose a fashionable facade

There is an opinion that the wardrobe can only be put in a modern design room. But such a convenient solution, which saves space due to the rational use of space and a convenient door mechanism, is suitable for almost any interior. It is important to choose panels for doors of the appropriate material and style.

A classic solution using mirrors

If you want to mirror a fairly large surface of the door, you need to think about how you can balance this solution. It is better to give preference not to a continuous mirror, but to several separate fragment. Looks great and imitation of such a division, for example, a textured pattern on the glass or a decorative grille on top.

Cabinet in a single plane

Not so long ago, the wardrobe model was difficult to imagine without metal frames and protruding decor. Today, minimalism in some models is built almost absolute. From a distance it doesn’t even immediately become clear that this is a furniture element, and not just another wall. Invoices can be both matte and glossy.In some models, the doors are located on the same level, not moving one by one, but folding on the principle of shutters.


Natural materials and unusual textures

For those who want to add a few unusual notes to the discreet design, there are models with an original finish. The most striking thing is natural wood or its imitation looks in contrast with the ideal surface made from ultra-modern technological materials.

Classic doors

The panels of this design will be an excellent complement to the interior without modern details. It is possible to use this solution not only for organizing the cabinet, but also to hide household appliances that are out of the general style of the room.

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