So does a person have a Soul or a cold biological plasma membrane ????

Here in the churches they believe that a person has a soul and after the death of a person, it either goes to heaven or to hell. And scientists believe that a person does not have a soul, but there is a cold plasma envelope. And heaven and hell is the invention of the priests to tear money from people on the yacht�s cool cars and Swiss watches.
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Katerina katalia
������������Katerina katalia
������������Answered on August 12, 2015 12:28
Everything is much more complicated. I advise you to believe neither one nor the other. Think yourself, read it yourself, look for yourself, ask and exchange ideas, and then there will be no such question. My advice is not only about religion.
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Katerina katalia
������������Katerina katalia
In my opinion, the concept of heaven and hell is too banal idea of the other world, and as for the "cold plasma shell", those scientists, apparently, consist of it themselves.
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Die and learn.
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Well yes. We can not even answer all the questions related to life. There can be no question of death. Philosophy and Esoterica argues that death is the same life. "Why do people fear the end, but rejoice at the beginning?" This is a complete contradiction of human needs and the fear of an unidentified, existing in reality ... Fuuuh, something has borne me.

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