Sobchak in a bathing suit asked not to criticize her cellulite

It seems to us that the TV star was slightly deceiving.

Ksenia Sobchak is one of those celebrities who wouldn’t get into their pockets behind the word. The presenter is not averse to ironing himself and others. So, under her beach snapshot, the televisor signed: “A compulsory photo of a rest in a bathing suit, so that you can train restraint, my little birds, and restrain from discussing“ rough photoshop ”,“ disgusting cellulite ”and“ terrible bathing suit ”.

Ksenia Sobchak
Photo: @xenia_sobchak

And the followers were not going to criticize anything. After all, Sobchak looks just fine. If even some imperfections in her figure are present, the white one-piece swimsuit and completely translucent inserts with their translucent inserts. And the legs of the star - to the envy of many.

Well, if we take into account that Xenia has achieved such a form in just a few weeks, and I just want to admire her dedication. Indeed, recently, because of her rounded figure, fans have already started to talk about Xenia's second pregnancy. But it turned out it was just extra pounds.Apparently, these gossip spurred "iron lady." She decided to take herself to the hedgehog ruffles finally and irrevocably. After a month of intense training, Sobchak boasted that “she looked like a person, not like a plump pig.” That helped her lose weight dramatically, you can read here.

But other celebrities can not boast of such a figure. Apparently, their cakes and pastries attract them much more than the perfect reflection in the mirror. For example, Rihanna has recently become very gaining weight. She very much recovered and completely ceased to follow the figure. In place of the press she had a fatty layer, which the star is rapidly hiding with free clothes.

The sex symbol Pamela Anderson kept herself in shape for a long time, but apparently she doesn’t have more strength for that. That is why now she can boast only a bulging belly that looks more like a pregnant woman’s belly.

Even the Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, recently defiled on the beach with a small tummy. Of course, there is a possibility that the model just had a solid lunch, but it seems to us that this is not the case. has collected a gallery of stars who, unlike Ksenia Sobchak, have recently recovered greatly.

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