Submersible and circular pumps

In rural areas, as well as in holiday villages, the main source of water supply is still often wells. Water is extracted from them using submersible pumps. Therefore, such a technique today is quite popular.

For example, submersible pumps grundfos kp have enough power to ensure a normal water supply. In such units, the electric motor is an integral part of the working machine. Therefore, the pump is connected through a flange with an electric motor. The water circulating during the operation of the equipment between the stator and the rotor cools the engine. Because of this, it can run smoothly for a long time, supplying water in sufficient quantities.

For efficient heating of private houses use other equipment - circular pumps, for example, grundfos ups 25 40, which allows you to create a comfortable temperature in the rooms. Such a pump is mounted in the pipeline and allows hot water to circulate through the heating pipes, warming the house.

Choosing such a technique, it is required to pay attention to such parameters as low energy consumption, reliability and wear resistance, as well as noiselessness during operation. As a rule, pumps with so-called “wet rotor” are installed in houses. In such structures, cooling and lubrication of moving parts is carried out using the fluid flowing through them. It is also a heat carrier at the same time. This design ensures quiet operation of the device, as well as its reliability.

Modern pumps of circular type can be disconnected for a long time. Such a forced downtime does not harm them. If, even during this time, any deposits are formed inside the unit, they can be easily removed and the device can be used to its full extent. It is good, if in such pump shaft and bearings will be made of ceramics. Such details significantly prolong the service life of the equipment, and also make its work absolutely silent, which provides comfort for people living in the house.

If you are going to purchase a circular pump for a floor heating system, then remember that its capacity should be higher than that of a conventional unit designed for heating a house.The pressure drop in such structures is quite large, and the temperature, in contrast, is low.

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