Swimming pool in the country with their own hands

Portable pools

The most common option for dachas is a polystyrene pool with a frame made of aluminum tubes and a pump for pumping out water. Such a pool can be installed almost anywhere. It is important that there is a flat and dense surface of the ground without any slopes. In order not to push the bottom during operation, substrates are used, usually linoleum sheets, although manufacturers, of course, recommend making indentations on the entire diameter of the pool bottom by 20-40 cm, pour it with river sand and only then lay the substrate.
The disadvantage of this type of pool is their fragility. The sides, which, of course, suffer and are deformed during active bathing and even during the entry / exit from the pool, bend.
The popular models also include portable hydromassage baths with whirlpool function and the possibility of water heating. These are expensive models that are designed not for a simple cottage, but for a cottage with a sauna.They require a sanitized site for installation, and a constant supply of electricity, and the installation of special filtration pumps. This pool for the winter period is simply covered from above with a cover so that it does not get snow. The estimated number of swimmers is no more than three.

Stationary pools

The second option is to install a stationary pool in the country with the excavation of a pit under it. For this option, you will need to find a sunny place so that the water in the pool is heated naturally.
Before proceeding to the construction of the pool, calculate the amount of material needed for its construction. In order to save, you can buy a ready-made bowl, which is usually made of plastic. Under the bowl a excavation is excavated with a depth of at least 1 m 20 cm in diameter 20 cm greater than the diameter of the bowl. The bottom is covered with waterproofing material (usually a thick film or building fabric), then a layer of river sand is laid and compacted. Usually sand is shed with water and pressed for a couple of days. Next, set the bowl,and the distance between the wall of the pit and the plastic is filled with foam chips or similar material that will protect the walls from deformation, while allowing the bowl to be removed without global work if damaged.
If you do not want to buy a finished bowl, you will need to dig a hole under the pit, make it waterproofing and concreting the walls. When building a pool, it is possible not to concrete its bottom, since deaf waterproofing can lead to the pool being pushed out of a dimple during the period of ground circulation in the fall and spring. Make the bottom of a thick PVC film. It is better to make several layers.

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