Tan - a useful and unusual drink

Dairy products are very useful, and drinks are also very refreshing and quench thirst. Have you ever tried a dance? If not, be sure to try! It is tasty and very healthy.

What it is?

Tan is a Caucasian sour-milk drink that is prepared from the milk of cows, goats or buffalo by means of a starter containing several cultures of useful lactic acid bacteria, such as the Bulgarian stick, thermophilic streptococcus, lactose-fermenting yeast.

How to cook a tang? Sourdough is added to fresh milk along with pure water, as well as table salt. Greens are also sometimes added, which gives a stunning aroma and interesting spicy flavor.

Some time after fermentation, a light-sour milk drink is obtained which is especially popular in the mountainous regions of Armenia. But today it can be purchased in almost any supermarkets and large stores.

Beneficial features

The benefits of tan are determined by the content of unique microorganisms, as well as the properties of the main component - milk.

Here are some properties of tan:

  • Tan provides normalization of water-salt metabolism, so it helps to avoid dehydration. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in hot weather and with increased physical exertion.
  • The drink has a pronounced tonic effect.
  • Provides a marked increase in muscle activity.
  • Tang is very useful for immunity, because it literally colonizes the intestines with beneficial bacteria that destroy pathogens and pathogens.
  • Drink helps to normalize digestion, cope with constipation, eliminate dysbiosis, as well as improve intestinal peristalsis.
  • Tan allows you to remove toxins, slags, and harmful metabolic products from the body. And that's why it is recommended to drink with a hangover, in order to quickly eliminate its symptoms and improve the condition.
  • This product allows you to speed up the metabolism. It is also low in calories, which can contribute to weight loss.
  • The drink helps to remove harmful cholesterol from the body and thus prevents the development of such a dangerous disease as atherosclerosis.
  • Tan is useful for bile ducts, gall bladder and liver.
  • If we consider that the main component of the product is milk, then we can conclude that it is useful for the bone system and allows you to strengthen the bone tissue, preventing fractures and cracks.
  • Tan improves appetite and allows you to quickly recover from an illness.
  • Some recommend drinking such a drink with some diseases of the respiratory system, such as bronchitis, pharyngitis, asthma.

Can everyone drink?

If you use the tan in moderation, it will not cause harm. But it is worth remembering that it contains a lot of salt, and its excess can be dangerous for hypertension and certain kidney diseases.

In addition, it is not recommended to abuse this drink and people suffering from gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, as well as ulcer of the duodenum or stomach. Also, one should not be given to small children (up to three years). Perhaps these are all relative contraindications.

As for the permissible rate, it should not exceed one or two glasses per day.

How to cook at home?

You can try to make a tang at home, but in this case it will be somewhat different from the present Caucasian. By the way, the recipe is very simple.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1 liter of mineral water (you need to choose a salty taste);
  • 1 liter of some sour-milk drink (ideal is Armenian matsoni, but you can use kefir, yogurt or natural yogurt);
  • salt to taste (if the mineral water has a salty taste, then add salt is optional);
  • greens to taste (you can use cilantro, mint, basil, parsley, and so on).


  1. Prepare any bulk capacity and pour mineral water into it.
  2. There also pour sour milk drink.
  3. Add salt.
  4. Wash greens, chop and put into the mixture.
  5. Now mix the composition with a mixer or blender, cool and drink with pleasure.

If desired, the proportions of mineral water and fermented milk can be changed. And instead of the usual salt, you can add iodized.

Be sure to buy the dance as often as possible or cook it at home and drink this healthy and refreshing drink with the whole family.

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