Technique of planting saplings of fruit trees

Anyone who decides to engage in the cultivation of a fruit-bearing garden, in no way bypasses the work associated with planting seedlings.

Saplings of fruit trees

Having determined the landing time, which may be spring and autumn, you should start buying planting material. You can buy seedlings cheaply in various nurseries. Ideally, seedlings should be biennial. But it is allowed to use well-developed one-year-olds, you only need to make a crown from them. This operation involves removing (trimming) the top in order to form the crown of the additional side branches.

Special attention should be paid to the root system. It is necessary that it be gummy and have at least three skeletal branches, each about thirty-five centimeters long. When digging or during transportation to the place of sale, the roots may be partially injured.In this case, the damage is cut, otherwise after planting in the soil the roots will begin to rot. When pruning, you should carefully inspect the place cut. Wood color should be white. If the cut is brown, then this indicates a not very healthy root system.

It is more convenient to plant seedlings together. First, in the center of the pit prepared for planting, a stake is set, which for stability is slightly sprinkled with earth. Then one of the gardeners places a sapling in a hole next to a stake on its north side, and his partner sprinkles the ground to the roots, after straightening them.

It is important that the roots after planting are tightly compressed by the ground, therefore, sprinkling it periodically compacted feet. When sealing it is necessary to put shoes with a toe to the trunk of a fruit tree seedling. Otherwise, there is a high probability of damage to the skeletal branches of the root system.

After planting, the ground near the seedling needs to be leveled and a hole must be made, the diameter of which should slightly exceed the diameter of the pit. After this, watering is required at the rate of five buckets per sapling. Water, penetrating into the soil, contributes to its even subsidence and tighter girth of the root system, which creates favorable conditions for the rapid growth of new roots.

Having finished watering, the soil in the hole needs to be loosened, and the cracks created around the perimeter of the pit should be covered with earth. Pristvolnuyu part of the good humus humus.

The final step is to tie the seedling to the stake. Ignore the operation can not be, because otherwise the tree will be severely shattered by the wind. The garter should be made in the form of a figure eight and a cloth tape, avoiding the use of wire and other coarse materials for this purpose, which can easily damage the tender skin of the seedling.

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