Test: select a coin, and we will tell you whether you will become richer in 2018

1-103Do you want to get rich, or at least get a tangible increase in salary? Increasingly, on the eve of holidays, you are thinking, will this wish come true in 2018? Will the Year of the Yellow Dog become golden for you?

No need to think and hope, just pass this simple test and find out what changes the financial year 2018 will bring you!

To do this, choose one of these coins and read what your choice promises you!

№ 1. Soviet coin

To the desired wealth came to you, you have to work a little more. But you are already close to the goal! And your perseverance and desire to achieve will not remain without a worthy reward!


№ 2. Coin "Feng Shui"

Your wealth is already around the corner, and closer to the fall you will have a lucky chance. Do not be afraid to take risks and act, do not miss it! Try to agree when you make tempting offers, even if because of them your usual life will change.


No. 3.Old coin

In financial matters, stability is waiting for you next year. You can relax and enjoy this calm. And still, if you will spend more money on yourself than on others, the money will come to you.


№ 4. Lucky coin with a cat

You are very lucky! It often seems from the outside that in difficult situations some otherworldly forces are helping you - so easily you get out of them! Wealth will come to you in a year or two, if you do not miss the opportunities and happy occasions you have in your life. Listen to your intuition - she will not advise bad!


Well, the test is over. How do you like the result? Encouraging? Share the test with your friends so that they also know whether to wait for their wealth next year!

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