What is useful fat tail?

Fat is actively used in cooking. And whether fat tailor? And how to use it correctly? Let's figure it out!

What is this product?

The fatty fat differs from the fat of the sheep fat in that it is extracted from the so-called Kurdyuk - the bulk fatty formation, located in the back of the sheep carcass - in the region of the sacrum and several first caudal vertebrae. Such a "bag" is available only in some breeds of animals and can reach a third or even half of the total mass. Fat is formed in the process of walking on summer pastures and actively eating grass. In the cold season, he saves sheep from the cold and is spent on the production of energy and heat.

Tangerine fat has a creamy consistency at room temperature, a light tint and a specific flavor of lamb, but the smell is less pronounced than that emanating from flesh or ordinary fat. Lamb fat is refractory, but the fat tail melts faster and easier.

Than useful?

Fat fat is valued not only for its versatility from the point of view of its use in cooking, but also for its amazing composition, which leads to numerous beneficial properties.The product contains fatty acids (both unsaturated and saturated), lanolin, some organic acids, sterols, ashes, phosphatides, zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, vitamins E, H, group B, A.

The following effects on the body can be noted:

  • Fat tail fat has long been used in the treatment of flu and colds: it helps speed recovery and recover faster. In addition, the product is effective in diseases of the respiratory tract, as it facilitates the discharge of viscous sputum and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Fat is useful for women, as it puts hormones in order, normalizes the synthesis of some important hormones and increases fertility, that is, the ability to conceive. And yet it is useful to use during menopause and menopause.
  • Fat fat is distinguished by high biological activity and is considered a source of energy consumed by the body for thermoregulation and heat production, maintenance of important processes and life support of all organs and systems.
  • The product ensures the formation and strengthening of the cell membrane structure, protecting them from destruction and damage.
  • The benefit lies in antioxidant activity, which is characterized by the neutralization of the adverse effects on the body of free radicals. The latter are capable of triggering the processes of premature aging and tissue oxidation, as well as provoking a cell mutation, so the Kurdyuk can become a means of rejuvenating and preventing cancer.
  • Although the product contains cholesterol, there is more "good", that is, necessary for the body and helps to reduce and stabilize the level of "bad" cholesterol.
  • Fat tail fat is prescribed by doctors for exhaustion and dystrophy, it helps eliminate the deficit of body weight.
  • The product is useful to use after suffering injuries or serious diseases, with intense physical exertion, with beriberi. It will speed up rehabilitation, ensure the full absorption of nutrients and improve the functioning of the immune system.
  • Eastern peoples consider fatty as a product of longevity and, by the way, their life expectancy is really impressive.
  • In some countries, men use kurdjuk fat to increase potency.
  • The product has a beneficial effect on metabolism.
  • Fat fat is good for the brain, as it improves the blood supply to this organ, increases activity, nourishes the cells, improves memory.
  • The product will protect the walls of the stomach from the irritating effects of digestive juices and improve the motility of the intestinal walls, eliminating constipation.
  • Fat can be used in cosmetology to improve the condition and strengthen the skin, hair and nails.
  • B vitamins are necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system: they strengthen cells, normalize sleep, increase stress resistance, and provide conduction of nerve impulses.

How to use?

What to cook from fatty fat? There are a variety of recipes with the addition of this component, and it is especially widely used in Uzbek cuisine. Fat goes well with meat, various cereals, vegetables. The most popular national dishes that include the fat in question are shurpa, pilaf, bozbash, and khinkali. Uzbeks add the ingredient even to desserts and tea. In European countries, the product is used with vegetable oils. But all dishes should be served hot, because the fat quickly hardens and hardens.And to eliminate the characteristic mutton smell, you can use fragrant condiments.

Kurdyuk received application in traditional medicine. It is taken internally with exhaustion, avitaminosis, hormonal disorders and other problems. With joint pain and cold, it is used for rubbing and massage. And some of this fat is used in cosmetology, adding to creams, homemade masks, hair balms. Such remedies have a rejuvenating, deeply nourishing and moisturizing, firming effect, they provide protection from external negative factors, stop inflammation, eliminate peeling and irritation.

Tip: if the recipe among the ingredients listed fat, and you do not know how to replace this product, then use mutton, pork, beef, or any other fat. Also suitable and vegetable oil, for example, linseed, sunflower, olive, coconut.

Can it hurt?

Fat fat can be harmful for individual hypersensitivity, obesity (about 900 kilocalories in a hundred grams!), Some diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, digestive organs and liver.But if you do not abuse and eat the product in moderation, then there will be no undesirable consequences.

Selection features

Buy kyudychny fat you can in the market and even in the pharmacy. The consistency should be rather dense, it is creamy at room temperature. The color is almost white, and if it has a yellowish, grayish or other shade, this indicates fake, improper storage or expiration. When heated, this fat tail should melt and become almost transparent, without sediment.

Store the product in a closed container in the refrigerator for three or four months, after which it begins to lose its valuable properties.

If you are still not familiar with fat tail, then try using it in cooking to evaluate the benefits.

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