The animal shelter has implemented an interesting social experiment.

The animal shelter in Missouri realized interesting. The goal of the project is to ensure the socialization of suspicious pets from a shelter. The shelter understands that the less shy the dog is and the easier it is for her to communicate, the easier it will be to find her a new family. But dogs that have lost their owners, lived on the street or were abused are not inclined to trust a person. Project coordinator Joe Klepaki decided to help animals by implementing the following idea: children will have to communicate with dogs. So that little helpers are not lost, they are offered not just to talk, but to read the dogs out loud. Such a reading allows the dog to get used to the voice of a small volunteer. At a certain time, the dog shows interest and goes to the contact. Besides, listening to the reading, the dogs become calmer.

The program involves children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years.They take a special training course that allows them to correctly interpret the behavior of the dog. Therefore, if the animal is nervous, or shows excessive stress, small volunteers can finish reading. Children are located outside the enclosures, and dogs cannot harm them. But animals are coming closer to hear better. Even very active dogs, which usually run around the aviary, often sit quietly and listen to children's voices. The timbre of the voice of young readers has a relaxing effect on animals. The caregiver takes care of the children, and parents can take them home at any time.

Time for a Christmas story. The little reader knows how to interest the four-legged inhabitant of the nursery.

An entire club of interest. Maybe this is the beginning of a true friendship?

And this kid decided to show the dog pictures. Or is he trying to teach the dog letters?

This black dog looks very interested. Probably the book is really good.

Little volunteers are proud of their work. Each of them has a favorite book.

Children communicate with dogs under the supervision of adults. And everyone is happy.

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