The Art of Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation - this is the beginning of the ceremony itself for those guests who receive it. From the moment of delivery, they begin to think about the upcoming celebration, choose an outfit and plan the purchase of a gift. Even if it will be only in a few months, the original invitation will already create a certain impression about your couple and will remain on a long memory of such a significant day. Wedding invitations assigned a place of honor near the photos and stored as a relic. Immediately afterrenting a ship, prepare them, saving neither strength nor imagination.

A tour of the history of the wedding invitation

Send invitations began in the deep Middle Ages. The monks, possessing the skill of calligraphy, wrote them for the nobility. The document was backed by a personal seal with the coat of arms of the family. But in the broad masses, they became popular only in the 50s of the 20th century. Today, no banquet on the boat will not do without a fancy piece of paper with which you can create something unimaginably original and charming. The fantasy of newlyweds and wedding organizers knows no obstacles.A variety of types of wedding invitations allows not only to specify the coordinates and time of the celebration, but also to present the style of the wedding itself and its color scheme.

Renting a motor ship also includes an agreement on which berth the ship will wait for the newlyweds. This information must be specified in the invitation. Text style can be very diverse. On the Internet there are many resources with ready-made templates. But be careful - you can also overdo it with originality.

A few words about etiquette

Wedding on a comfortable boat- this is the main celebration of the newly formed family. On this day, the young couple gets all the attention and the most sincere congratulations. But the invitations themselves are a completely different conversation. Each guest will be pleased if you enter his name with his own hand. This will show that you respect and sincerely wait for a person, and not be allowed on the conveyor with all the other guests, not caring about what kind of invitation and who will get it. Ifa banquet on the ship, then you need to specify the pier, the name of the vessel, the date and time. But you can send invitations 2-3 weeks before the start of the celebration.Weddingon the boatwill please everyone, but it may be that on that very day people will have their own equally important things planned. To avoid conflicts of interest, invite your relatives and friends in advance.

Ship rental- the event is far from trivial. Invitations should be his suit and not be inferior in beauty and showiness. Explore the option with handmade products. You will have a great opportunity to give each guest a piece of their time and soul.

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