The Beagle is a cute and wonderful breed of dog.

The beagle is one of the most ancient breeds, which was bred specifically for hunting, and fully met all expectations. Small, smart and dexterous, this dog does an excellent job of tracking down prey, being at the same time a faithful and affectionate pet.

Main characteristics

Beagles for many centuries were the palace favorites of English kings and queens. On the territory of modern Russia, the breed appeared in the 18th century. The main task of sleeper dogs at that time was the hunt for rabbits and hares, with which they coped perfectly.

Today, according to the standards, the height of such a breed can vary between 33-41 cm. Short hair, rounded hanging ears, tricolor. Like all hounds, the beagle must have a white tip of the tail.


Pets of this breed are very friendly and sociable. They are rarely seen melancholic and bored, they usually charge the cheerfulness of everyone around.

The best pastime for the beagle is a fun walk in the fresh air, accompanied by active games. They especially favor the children's company, in which they are ready to play for several hours in a row, forgiving almost any childish pranks.

The owner for such a pet is a serious authority, to which they are very attached. Therefore, the obedience of dogs can only envy.

Bigley get along with other pets without any problems, be it a cat or a dog. But here to small pets can show aggression, due to the characteristics of the breed. Beagles perceive rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and other small animals as prey, because such a tandem in one house is undesirable.

With training, the situation is a bit more complicated. The reason is the “fabulous impudence” of the pet, which often knocks the owner down and makes him give up. If you do not stop it in time, then the dog may feel like a full owner of the house and have time to pick it up in your absence.

How to care?

Inclinations to some special diseases in the dog there. The ears of the beagle require cleansing after active walks in nature. Buzzing in the grass, leaves, holes and sand, they collect dirt that needs to be removed.

You should also remember that the hound dog needs constant physical exertion.Every day she can run for several kilometers - this is the norm for a healthy, active dog. In addition, such walks - a guarantee that your house will remain intact and safe.

Short hair pet does not require special care. Washing 2-3 times a year is enough.


The only tendency that is characteristic of beagles is obesity. Pets really like to eat, and are happy with any treats. Special appetite wakes up from them after walks, and then the owners, sparing their pet, gradually increase the portions. This leads to problems with excess weight. If the dog walks enough, but still remains fat, it means that you are overfeeding it.

Remember that food should be varied. Porridge in it should be no more than a third of the diet. All the rest - lean meat, offal and vegetables.

It is also allowed to fish in which all bones need to be removed. Do not forget about dairy products. They are important not only for puppies, but also for adult beagles.

If you do not have time to make the right menu and cooking, then the best option would be a dry food containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

How much is this cute creature, ready to become a full-fledged member of the family? If you buy the dog "from the hands", you will have to pay about $ 300. In razvodchiki and in kennels, the price will vary between $ 400-1200, depending on the class of the pet.

The content of the little beagle does not give you trouble, and the children will surely be delighted with the new friend. But keep in mind that the dog obeyed you, and did not hate while left alone, you need to start raising it from the moment it appears in the house.

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