The best theme party options

Party, in any style you will remember for a lifetime. If your life lacks bright emotions, mind-blowing impressions and luxurious fun, then it's time to organize a stylized party.

The party is a great opportunity to have a good rest from the usual gray days. The difference between a theme party and a regular one is that you need to prepare for it better and you will get much more impressions from it.

Stylized party will allow you to wear bright costumes, dance to unusual music, drink interesting drinks and have plenty of fun with friends.

If you decide to have an unusual party, you need to get ready. First you need to make a difficult choice - to determine the theme of the party.

You can choose absolutely any style of party. Just focus and decide what you want most at this moment in your life. And you can also poll among friends.After you choose a topic, you will have a great time for preparatory work.


To make the party a success, you should consider such things as: the room, decor elements, music, drinks and snacks, time and costumes. Despite the fact that you may think that the organization of such an event is troublesome, you should not give up. We offer you a few ideas for holding a party.

Retro and style are waiting for you

A retro party can include a particular decade of the twentieth century. For example, it could be the 20s or 80s. In each decade, you can learn a lot of ideas. Determining at what time the party will take place, start to prepare the details.

Suppose you have chosen the wonderful 60s. In this case, you will find a luxury party of these dudes.
The outfit for a retro party should be bright and emphasizing your forms. For girls necessarily dress with lush skirts, you can polka dots, stockings, sandals and a very beautiful hairstyle. And of course, the arrows on the eyes and small gloves on their hands.

Guys will have to wear unusual for our time, narrow colored trousers, a striped jacket and a tie. The hairstyle should be in the style of the famous singer, Elvis Presley.

When choosing a venue for a retro party, consider that you and the guests will dance a lot, so the room should be large. The indispensable attributes of a party in this style are vinyl records and photos of celebrities of the 60s.

Music naturally should be in the style of style. Dance the fiery rock and roll under Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and Domestic Bravo. No matter how you dance, the main thing is rhythm and energy.

Chicago style

Party in the style of Chicago like gambling people. Just do not choose modern Chicago, for more interest, be transported into the 30s.

The 1930s were incredibly interesting for Chicago. Why are just jazz, “dry law”, bank robbery, maps and gunfights. Everyone loves to take risks and experience adrenaline.

Naturally, the clothes at such a party should correspond to the 30s and the gangster theme. A girl at such a party must be in a silk dress. The accessories will look great diamonds, pearls and a mouthpiece and high-heeled shoes. And of course, the cape is a boa. The hairstyle should be elegant, it is desirable to wind the hair with large waves. A bright accent of the image will be red lipstick.

Men choose an outfit easier.Suit, shirt, suspenders and hat - these are the main elements. From accessories - a cigar, a gun and an expensive watch.

The room in which the party will be made can be decorated in the style of a tavern or casino. By the way, you can play roulette or poker as entertainment.

Hawaiian style

A Hawaiian-style party will cheer you up and dip you back into the summer atmosphere. Such a party is a great way to boast of all the beautiful figure. In addition, everyone loves summer and disco.

The most ideal place to hold a Hawaiian party is the beach, but in the middle of winter you can have fun by arranging such an event. The attributes of the Hawaii-style party are: flowers and fruits. The more exotic the flowers, the better. It is desirable that they were alive. Artificial palms can be arranged in the room.

Drinks and cuisine should be Hawaiian, so your task is to make as many interesting cocktails and snacks as possible.

Girls with a nice figure can wear a beautiful swimsuit, but if you have some embarrassment, then it is better to choose a bright T-shirt or a sundress. Footwear should be low running.The image will be complemented with summer accessories, in the form of massive bracelets and earrings. For the guy, the perfect suit will be shorts and a variegated shirt.

Music should be rhythmic, incendiary. You can use the tracks of modern DJs. A peculiarity of the Hawaiian party should be carefree fun and laughter.

Japanese style

Japanese-style parties are very popular now. The music of the Japanese is certainly very specific, especially you will not dance to it. But at such a party you can eat plenty of sushi.

As a decor you can use images of sakura, samurai and fan. Men and women at such an event can come in kimono. You can sew it yourself or buy it in specialized stores.

Women can allow themselves to make a bright make-up in the style of Japanese geishas. At the Japanese party it is not customary to shout loudly, to dance incendiary, and even less to sing songs. Therefore, a similar theme for a party is more suitable for corporate parties.

The party can be organized in different styles. For you this is a great opportunity to discover your creativity and how to have fun. Do not be afraid to organize a themed party, because only on them you will get unforgettable emotions.

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