The best ways to clean pomegranate

The benefits of pomegranate, which, by right, is called the king of fruits, can be talked for hours, because its unique composition and useful properties have long been known to the whole world.

It is used in cooking, medicine and cosmetology, because the composition of this fruit contains a whole storehouse of useful components that are easily able to provide everything necessary for the full operation of the human body.

Surely, many people know that pomegranate is very useful for the process of blood formation, increases the level of hemoglobin, and also enhances the protective functions of the body. With it you can cope with many viral and catarrhal diseases, in addition, it removes radiation from the body and has a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Healthy fruit

In addition to all the utilities that do not fit in one paragraph, pomegranate is also a very tasty, juicy and fragrant fruit, which stimulates the digestive process, as well as improves mood.

They produce incredibly tasty juices and tea from pomegranates, and from special, seedless varieties, they also get aromatic and amazing wine, completely different from the usual grape drink.

It is very strange, but in spite of the vast field of curative, preventive and simply useful properties, some people do not favor grenades and bypass such a “concentrate” of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids!

Surprisingly, this is only due to the fact that it is not so easy to clean the fruit from the dense skin, periodically grains crush and burst, which causes a number of inconveniences. Some people believe that juice and fresh pomegranate are about the same thing, so they save themselves from the painful process of separating the peel from the seeds, and simply buy pomegranate juice.

Red Kernels

Yes, freshly squeezed juice is not inferior in terms of vitamin content to the fruit itself, but the main problem is that the store juice most often combines all sorts of additives, because of which it loses half its usefulness.

That is why we recommend you to use exactly one-piece grenades, and, by the way, we will help you with the cleaning process.It turns out that everything can be done much easier than you think. How to quickly and easily clean the grenades - see and read for yourself.

How to clean the pomegranate? The easiest ways

So, first of all we will learn how to choose the right garnet, because this, in many respects, will depend on the success of its cleaning, and, importantly, the taste and healing components. High-quality pomegranate should be dried, slightly tight grain, crust.

If the crust is completely smooth, it means that the fruit was torn off ahead of time, and, therefore, it will not be as sweet as it should be. Also, be sure to pay attention to the place of the pomegranate, where the flower was growing, it should not contain greenery, and the fruit itself should be firm to the touch.

Method number 1

So, you have brought the coveted fruit home and now you do not know which side to approach it to get to its whole and juicy grains. In total there are three most common ways that will allow you to easily get to the cherished "vitamin".

Whole grains

Let's start with the simplest method that will allow you to divide the fruit into several equal and sympathetic lobules, which, by the way, are also very convenient to eat.

In addition, if they are also neatly decorated with green leaves, then such segments will be very interesting to look like one of the dishes. So, the first way: be sure to arm yourself with a sharp knife, without it nothing happens.

Be careful, it is possible that with this version of the juice droplets may be slightly sprayed, so it is better to put on an apron and perform the procedure away from the new wallpaper.

Using a sharp knife, cut off the top and bottom of the fruit, put the garnet in an upright position and make longitudinal cuts, preferably on the convex lobules, cutting the skin and light shell, but without affecting the grains themselves.

Next, lay the knife aside, take the grenade in your hands and, slightly pressing it, divide it into parts so that one slice is separated from the other. By the way, from such lobules then, if desired, it is very easy to raise the grain.

Method number 2

The next option is similar to the previous one, but you will get a different result: a whole bowl of pomegranate seeds, unsupervised and separate. We start the same way as in the previous method: garnet thoroughly washed, cut off only the top, carefully remove it from the fruit.

Healing juice

Next, you will need a spoon and a deep bowl: along the veins make shallow cuts, which will help you to easily remove the skin. We turn the fruit upside down, put it in a bowl and arm it with a spoon: it needs to knock lightly on the surface of the pomegranate.

It is necessary to knock smoothly and evenly, which will allow the grains to easily separate from the peel and jump out into the prepared bowl. So that the juice does not splash on the sides, it is better to pick up the capacity deeper, with high sides. Thus, the whole peel will remain in your hands, and the grains will remain whole and unharmed, ready for use.

Method number 3

This method may seem somewhat unusual, because in this case water will be used to purify the pomegranate. So, in order to clean the pomegranate without much effort, you will again need a sharp knife, a deep bowl of water and a colander.

To begin with, we cut the top of the grenade, again make the same cuts, as if we want to divide it into small slices. Then we dip the fruit into the water, and begin to peel the grains right in it.

As a result, under the weight of its own weight, they will instantly sink to the bottom, and light skins and rind will float.Then we catch all the excess, throw it away, and filter the grains through a colander. The result will please you!

Additional method number 4

There is another, probably the strangest and most interesting, but no less convenient, cleaning method. For him you will need a silicone mold, a form for ravioli and a hammer. We cut the pomegranate in two parts, put the dumpling mold on the bowl, put half of the pomegranate in the silicone mold, turn it over and lightly strike it with a hammer.

The process must be done carefully, so as not to damage the silicone. The result is all the whole grains in your bowl and not a single drop of juice, because the pomegranate is limited in shape.

Eat grenades with pleasure!

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