The first football story

Football, such as we know it today, was born on the British Isles, although similar games existed in deep antiquity among different nations. It was in England in the XIV century. The game was called "football", although in a royal decree forbidding this fun, medieval football matches were often accompanied by bloodshed. But efforts to veto a favorite game were in vain.


In the XIX century. The English played football in universities and prestigious schools. Each school established its own rules on the field, so that the competition between schools often ended in fights. In 1848, representatives of several English schools gathered in Trinity College, Cambridge University: Eton, Harrow, Rugby (p. 77), Winchester, Shrewsbury, and Cambridge itself, and the first Cambridge rules were developed and recorded during this meeting.


The rules of the game of football were so simple that it began to spread rapidly, and if at first it was an entertainment for the elect, then after 1848 it became popular among the general population.However, the date of birth of the game is considered to be in 1863, when the first federation of football was organized and official rules of the game, similar to modern ones, were written down.


In 1888 the first Football League was created in England. In other countries, people learned about football, having been in England. In turn, the British, traveling abroad, showed this game to local residents, taught them its rules and techniques. At the beginning of the XX century. football federations already existed in many countries. In 1904 the network of national federations was transformed into the International Federation of Football Associations, or FIFA. Now the headquarters of FIFA is located in Zurich, Switzerland.


England joined FIFA in 1905, but in 1928 she left it, so she did not participate in three world championships. For the first time, the British took part in the World Cup in 1950, after they agreed with FIFA in 1946 about their special status. Since then, the England team has not missed major international matches, including the World Cup. But the English national team won the world championship only once, in 1966, when it was held in England. Other countries were more successful: Brazil was the world champion five times, Italy - four, Germany - three, Uruguay and Argentina - twice.


The most interesting facts about the history of football

In Russia, football teams appeared in the late XIX century. From 1897 began to hold competitions, including intercity. In 1912, the All-Russian Football Union was founded (then adopted by FIFA) and the first Russian championship was held - the team from St. Petersburg won.


In England itself, football is officially called "association football": foot - foot, and ball - the ball; the word “association” means: an association, a group, a team, and it was added to distinguish “normal” from other types of football - rugby, American football, etc. In the USA, the word “association” was distorted beyond recognition, and it turned into “ SOCKER. " So there they call now "European" football.

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