The first frame of the series “The Big Little Lie” with Meryl Streep

The first shots from the shootings of the continuation of “Big Little Lie” are more interesting than ever. As it became known in January, in the second season we will meet Perry’s mother, who will be played by Meryl Streep herself. The premiere of the acclaimed series is scheduled for next year, but now we can see the reincarnation of the Oscar-winning actress as the mother of the despotic spouse Celeste Wright.

The first photo from the shoot can be viewed on Instagram by Nicole Kidman, who does not hide her admiration for the talent of the Strip. “The first day of filming with Meryl and my dear boys,” she signed a snapshot of a shoot in which Celeste Wright spends time with her sons Josh and Max (Cameron and Nicholas Crogetti) and their grandmother Mary Louise Wright (Strip).

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