The green code in The Matrix turned out to be a sushi recipe.

The green symbols that appear in the opening screen of The Matrix, loyal fans have tried to decipher since the release of the "new century film" on the screens. There were more theories than those of the twin Peach Twin fans. And they were all one more difficult than the other. And everything turned out to be so simple! In an interview with Cnet, production designer Simon Wightly - the one responsible for the screensaver - made a sensational confession, recalling that to create the code he used ... hieroglyphs from Japanese books with recipes, which he borrowed from his wife! He scanned the pages, mixed the hieroglyphs and used the screensaver, which became legendary! “I love to tell everyone that the“ Matrix ”code is made from the most common sushi recipes,” he laughed.

We do not even know how, after such recognition, we will revise the Matrix.

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