The harvest festival is an interesting scenario for elementary school and high school students. Ideas for the Harvest Festival for adults and retirees

PU-001The harvest festival is an old, beautiful and spectacular celebration dedicated to the end of the harvest, family well-being and fertility. On the eve of a significant day in the village, they end up harvesting and other field work, remove flax, dig up roots and take out rye in a barn. Thus, they create a reliable basis for the coming winter and ensure the well-being of their families for the cold period of time. On this day, prayers are offered to the Virgin and they say “thank you” for the harvest.

In the city, the Harvest Festival is celebrated somewhat differently, and solemn balls, incendiary parties, cozy tea and coffee gatherings and large-scale corporate parties coincide with it.For each age group they select interesting scenarios that allow them to join the traditions of their ancestors and have a good time. In elementary school for children, interesting costumed matinees are arranged, for senior pupils they organize theme parties with dances, for adults they come up with a program with juicy autumn contests, and pensioners are invited to the House of Culture for concerts and performances of local folk art groups. After such bright and colorful events, everyone's mood rises and a lot of positive impressions remain.

Primary School Harvest Scenario - Fun and Cognitive

The scenario for the Harvest Festival in elementary school is developed taking into account the age characteristics of the participants. It makes sense to conditionally divide the event into two sections and build the first in the form of a theatrical performance, and the second as a mobile game program with dances, simple competitions and quizzes. As a result, the guys will be able to get new knowledge about nature and immediately fix it by answering questions, and a powerful emotional charge will give everyone a lot of positive impressions.


The special fairy tale characters - “Golden Autumn”, “Pumpkins”, “Tomato”, “Yabloko” and others will add special color to the celebration. These heroes will tell the children about the causes of seasonal changes and will give an impetus to further knowledge of the world of living nature.

For the event, the hall is decorated with garlands of autumn leaves, bundles of ripe fruit, vegetable baskets and other thematic attributes. You can add to the scenery also bright lighting design. This will give the holiday a special atmosphere and make it more cozy.

The important and responsible role of the leading matinee is assigned to the class teacher. It will be easier for kids to perform on stage and adhere to the program, feeling the help and support of a person they know and love well.

Quizzes, contests and riddles should match the autumn fruit and vegetable themes, but too complex, tricky questions should not be asked. Let the children easily cope with the tasks and get for this pleasant encouragement in the form of sweets, gingerbread, toys and souvenirs. This will make the event even more pleasant and will awaken in boys and girls the desire for more active participation, the manifestation of initiative and the demonstration of one's own creative abilities

Harvest Festival - scenario for high school students


The principle of building a school harvest scenario for high school students can be very different. It is quite appropriate to play a fun, humorous event in the KVN-ovsky style, to hold a bright fruit and vegetable ball, or to put on an incendiary costume show. The more original the chosen theme is, the more interesting and unusual the party will be.

  • "Potato disco".The room is decorated with natural and rice potatoes, decorated with garlands of autumn berries and sunflowers. For dance numbers, appropriate music and humorous songs are selected (“Antoshka”, etc.). The program includes contests and quizzes consisting of questions about potatoes. Each correct answer is awarded by the jury with a small packet of chips, and at the end of the evening the team that scores the maximum number of points receives a whole box of chips with different tastes.
  • "Tricks of the Scarecrow". The hall is decorated under a field with a wheat crop. Pupils are divided into two teams. Some guys play the role of "Farmers", who want to quickly harvest ripe ears of corn, the second appear as birds of prey, planning to eat fresh grains.The protagonist of the production - the cunning Scarecrow - guards the field and does not allow anyone to approach him for no reason. To get the right to harvest, the guys have to solve riddles, answer tricky questions and show Scarecrow their creative talents. The victory goes to the team, which at the end of the party can boast the largest number of collected ears.
  • "Vegetable Ball".The scenario of the event is based on the famous tale of Cipollino. The difference between the holiday and the plot of the original is only in the fact that fruits and vegetables do not fight for freedom, but rather coexist with each other very peacefully and with great pleasure spend time together. The main focus of the program is on spectacular costumes, themed songs and beautiful ballroom dancing (minuet, waltz, quadrille, etc.), which they learn in advance with the guys.

The scenario of the Harvest Festival in the countryside for the House of Culture for adults - interesting ideas


In the village, the Harvest Festival for adults is held in the House of Culture, but the scenario is somewhat different than for the urban audience. The program must include competitions that provide for the demonstration of the gardening and gardening talents of the participants.For example, they arrange a pumpkin contest and award a valuable prize to a person who has grown the most beautiful and large pumpkin. Or they offer adults the speed to fill bags with potatoes, beets and carrots, and then encourage those who have coped with the task faster than anyone else.

Chastushkas and short jokes are very popular during the autumn holidays. The villagers know a lot of funny folklore pieces and enjoy singing them to the accompaniment of an accordion or balalaika. Such creative rooms create a special festive atmosphere and unite people. After all, performance does not require any serious musical abilities, but only desire, optimism and a good mood.

The second part is usually planned as a concert. On the stage for the audience are folk groups, instrumental ensembles and studios of children's creativity. Rural citizens, not spoiled by diversity and a large number of cultural events, gratefully meet the artists and do not spare their applause, pleasant words and compliments.

Harvest Festival - scenario for retirees in the city


The harvest festival in the city is held for pensioners by employees of social services and public institutions. Usually for the celebration choose the hall of the district House of Culture or a large enterprise. Unlike the scenarios of actions taken in the countryside, the program is usually built on the principle of a solemn concert, smoothly turning into a cozy and pleasant tea party.

The program is divided into three parts. In the first before the elderly people are deputies, representatives of local authorities, officials and public figures. They briefly congratulate retirees on the autumn and wish health, happiness and longevity. In the second part, the artists enter the stage: pupils of the elementary school dance and sing autumn songs, high school students show funny humorous words and read lyric poems, and creative art groups to inspire music delight the elderly with folk dances.


In the third part, the presenters hold simple autumn contests for adults and give grandparents the opportunity to prove themselves and win small souvenirs and memorable gifts. At the end of the holiday, all those present are invited to the table and served with tea from a samovar, fruits and traditional Russian pastries.

Pensioners very well perceive the holidays of such a plan and are grateful to the organizers and speakers. Older people like the attention of the younger generation, and they do not feel forgotten and abandoned. In addition, for some old people, attending such events is the only way to go out and take part in public life.

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