The last bell, the script for graduates of 9 and 11 classes


The last bell is the most significant and important holiday for each student. All the guys dream to celebrate this day in a special way, so that in the future it's a pleasure to remember a bright, original and spiritual event, symbolizing the transition from childhood to adulthood, a serious and responsible life. Considering the different scenarios for the last call, graduates increasingly prefer creative ways of holding a holiday and choose unusual, thematic productions, which include costume sketches, extensive song repertoire and individual roles for all participants.

The last call, the script in a modern style (the best options)


  1. "The Oscars". The assembly hall must be solemnly and pompously decorated, and the passage to the stage must be covered with a traditional red carpet.The presenters need to be dressed appropriately: a girl in a long and spectacular evening dress, and a young man in a tuxedo with a bow tie. At the beginning of the ceremony, graduates sit in the first and second rows, and then take turns climbing the stage to get an improvised statuette in different nominations (“The Most Beautiful”, “The Most Intelligent”, “The Best Student”, “Reliable Friend”, etc.) . It is advisable to think about the award in such a way as not to forget anybody, including the most modest and inconspicuous classmates. It is imperative that the teacher, the director, the head teacher and the members of the parents' committee should approach the microphone in order to congratulate the graduates on graduation, say good words and wish them a successful, bright future. Solemn speeches are appropriate to “dilute” with musical, poetic and dance numbers. Then the evening will be fun and will be remembered for a long time by all participants and guests.
  2. "Corporate".The first part of the event is held in a serious-solemn style. The graduates are members of the pedagogical staff, the head teacher and the class teacher. They summarize the results of the training, congratulate the children on graduation and wish grandiose accomplishments in the future.In the second part, there are funny rework songs from modern hits and popular hits, and schoolchildren stage them with thematic performances from everyday student life.
  3. "Time Machine". In the elegantly decorated assembly hall a movie screen is placed and slides about the school of past years are shown. Then the presenter appears and informs everyone present with the joyful news that a time machine has been invented in the school and is ready to demonstrate it in action. Pupils come on the stage and play in front of those present costumed scenes, vividly and with humor showing how lessons are conducted with primitive people, in the Middle Ages and in the classes of the future on another planet. The concert ends with a final song and a solemn handing of flowers to teachers and graduates.


Last call, script for grade 9

The scenario of the last call for ninth-graders should be thought out in such a way that the solemn part in it harmoniously combines with the entertainment and does not interrupt her with its severity and seriousness. After all, the 9th grade for many schoolchildren is not final, but the intermediate graduation party and the majority of children after the holidays return to the comfortable classroom at their desks.Given this point, the festive program should focus on cheerful song numbers and humorous staging scenes. For the general format of the holiday, you can choose the style of rap or RNB, which is extremely popular among young people, or include famous Internet memes, satirical stand-ups and practical jokes typical for social networks. In such an atmosphere, schoolchildren will feel more comfortable, and parents and teachers will get a lot of pleasure from close acquaintance with the interests and hobbies of their wards.


Last call, script for grade 11

Modern graduates no longer want to be content with primitive, solemn rulers, but prefer to organize the last call unusually and creatively. Particular sympathy for the students is the thematic scenarios of the holidays, where each program number is designed in a single manner and is subordinated to one style.

  1. "Hello, Wild West". For this scenario, the assembly hall is equipped like an American saloon, and country music melodies and lyric songs converted from old foreign hits are used as musical accompaniment.Guys dress in plaid shirts, jeans and cowboy hats, and girls in long fluffy dresses with lace. The facilitator plays the role of the sheriff and in turn summons the stage to award all graduates. The teachers, the class teacher and the director play the role of members of the city council, mayor and bailiff. An unexpected attack by bandits and the symbolic capture of several graduates, for which the raiders demand a ransom in the form of dances, songs or poems, can be a bright piece of the performance. The last call, made in such an unusual setting, will be an excellent final chord of the eleven-year study and will be remembered for a lifetime, both by the participants and guests.
  2. “My address is the Soviet Union”. This topic allows you to plunge into the recent past of our country and once again recall how simple schoolchildren lived then. For the design of the hall will require a minimum of effort, because posters and leaflets with traditional symbols can be made with your own hands. Graduates, teachers and guests of the festival will perform as pioneers, Komsomol members and senior party workers. From the stage, voiced chants, poems and songs about school, friendship and hopes for a bright, happy future will sound.Humorous sketches on such traditional Soviet schoolchildren activities as collecting waste paper, grass and scrap metal will add additional credibility to what is happening. Modern students will be interested in feeling for themselves the “charms” of that life, and teachers and parents will gladly remember their cheerful youth.
  3. “Kindle in Las Vegas”. This scenario provides a great dance show, songs in foreign languages, playing forfeits or roulette and dynamic music. Specific outfits will not be needed; it is enough just to wear bright, fashionable dresses and suits, and decorate the hall with mirror lanterns, sparkles and flickering garlands. The program can be made to your own taste, as long as all the rooms are fun, bright and emotional.


Last call, a script based on famous movies

The script of the last call, based on the plot lines of popular films, cartoons or fairy tales - a great idea for a bright, colorful and truly gorgeous presentation on the end of school. You can take as a basis only one cinematographic work or make a concert-collage, including interesting scenes and songs from different films.True, this version of the program requires thorough preparation and a certain material base, because without the scenery, costumes, makeup and suitable music, it will not be possible to do. However, parents never refuse to properly sponsor the production, since the last call is a unique event that happens only once in a lifetime, and it is necessary to conduct it so that it will be pleasant to remember in the future.


The musical last call: the script with songs, alterations

Famous music, famous hits and popular hits are always on the ear, and young people know them especially well. To remake these songs and change words to school texts has long become a popular tradition. Such couplets perfectly fit into the concept of festive evenings and create a special cheerful, joyful and elated mood among the performers and guests of the celebration. At the last call, the script with songs-alterations fits perfectly and is well received by both graduates and teachers.

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