The main types of parenting

The main types of parentingThe main types of parenting are not always applicable to all children in the family.
In heated discussions, parents develop a model of "That's how you need to educate children." They can draw a happy ticket, and the model will suit their child well.

Encouraged by the success and the feeling that they were in the top ten, parents acquire a firm but generally strange conviction: “Now we know how to raise children.”

It seems to them that they have found a certain philosopher's stone, a secret on the disclosure of which the world can be built in the family, the fulfillment of parental duty and the happiness of a child.

A mother with an asthenic character and a father with a schizoid character are born a boy with schizoid traits.

He begins to read at 3 years, easily adds fractions and enthusiastically solves the problem of two pipes filling the pool.

True, no one pays attention to his communicative problems and his unwillingness to walk in the courtyard. "Nothing, he'll sit at home, learn more."


The model of parents “The main thing is to study” works perfectly, the child is praised, the grandmother does not rejoice and everyone is lulled by a sense of well-being.

But the second child is born, and hellish life begins.Where did these cyclothymic genes come from, causing the daughter to have high self-esteem, constant joy of life, thirst for new sensations and a desire to hang out before losing consciousness?

The youngest girl from the cradle vehemently protests against the "desire of parents to make her a cabinet rat and blue stocking." She wants unlimited freedom, and at the age of 8 she claims to her parents that if they hope to ruin her life just as they ruined her older brother, even if they don’t dream about it. They will not get anything done and she will not let them mock him.

Parents are in despair. Their slim, erected building with such love, “We know how to raise children,” crumbles before our eyes. There are few problems with the younger one, it turns out that something was done with the eldest as well.

If the younger one only wants to slip away from home by hook or by crook, the older one cannot be driven out of the house even to the cinema. If the girls do not pay attention to him, the youngest in her 12 years old is found in bed with her friend.

A schizoid father waves his hand and goes to play chess on the Internet, an astenik mother cries and goes to a psychotherapist, the children live their own lives.


A dangerous mistake of parents are the same expectations from different children in the family.If one brother has a cyclothymic character, and the other has an asthenic character, and we sent both brothers to play football, then you can be sure that the first one will achieve excellent results and become the favorite of the team. At the same time, his asthenic brother on the first training pulls the ligaments, skips all the balls and after all of his izmaryaty, will sob in the locker room.


Useful tips:

1. Do not cut your children with one comb. Children in one family have, as a rule, different characters, have different inclinations and needs.

2. Do not apply the same type of education to different children in the family. Do not make the same requirements for children with different characters.

3. Do not put siblings in the example of each other.

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