The master turned the old tire into something interesting and practical: a step by step Master Class with photos

If you have an old tire, you can make a lot of it from the dacha: a mini-pool, a swing, and a bed ... From this master class you will learn how to turn a tire ... into a charming little table!

For work you will need:

  • tire;
  • plywood;
  • legs (you can buy ready-made, for example, in IKEA, but you can do it yourself, as in MK);
  • rope (for masking tires);
  • glue, screws, equipment for work (jigsaw, drill);
  • construction glue (liquid nails are used in MK).

Getting started!

1. First you need to wash the tire. It will be very difficult. Let it dry.

2. Cut two circles out of plywood. The first circle should fit in the center of the tire, and the second - the base on which the tire will be held on the bottom. Measure the parameters and get to work.

3. Make the legs. As mentioned earlier, you can buy them.However, you can do it yourself. As a blank for the MK, the legs of a swinging toy were used.

4. Gather the legs together. To do this, take a base circle of plywood, make a support and attach everything together with glue and screws.

Here is a table in the end:

5. Glue the splint to the base. Once the legs are dry, turn the base over and spread it with building glue. Place a tire on top.

6. Stick a smaller circle to the top of the tire. If the tire has a rim, just stick a plywood circle to it.

7. Glue the rope to the chair. It is best to use liquid nails.

8. Paint the legs. Do it to your liking.

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