The most common mistakes of independent travelers

Travel magazines love to lyrically conclude that the biggest mistake travelers make is to follow the hiking trails that have been explored to you by the thousands. But in the science of recreation there are actually mistakes and more serious ones that will not turn into a queue at the museum or a crowd of onlookers in the frame, but spoil your mood with awkward situations or even serious material waste. It is these mistakes that we undertook to list, so that you were up to date and organized your next vacation as a real traveler-pro.

Mistake number 1: agree on a flight with a short transfer

Try to keep yourself on a transplant for about an hour and a half time to perform all the procedures without haste and stress. There are airlines that sell flights with 40- and even 25-minute transfers, and in this case, the obligation to change your ticket for the second flight when the first one is late lies with the airline,but the unpleasant experience of running through the terminal and undressing in front of the metal detector for a few seconds will still remain on your conscience.

Mistake number 2: do not know how long your passport is valid

This capricious moment should always be clarified even before the purchase of tickets, because some countries are especially picky in their principles and require that your passport be valid for more than 6 months to get a visa, and some ask that these 6 months remain after your departure .

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