The most famous vegetarians in the world

Someone considers the refusal of meat and animal products as another fashionable invention, but for someone it is a lifestyle. Today we will talk about vegetarians, people who by their own example try to convey to others about how useful it is for health, and how much can be done in this way for nature.

And we will talk today not just about vegetarians, but about famous people who consider themselves to be among them.

Conscious choice

The history of vegetarianism dates back to ancient times. People who prefer vegetables and fruits and who do not eat meat have existed at all times. This philosophy was first spread from ancient India and Greece, and was based on the fact of the equality of all life before the gods.

Today, she is experiencing another peak of popularity, so we are pleased to present you our top 10 stars who voluntarily changed the usual diet to the “green diet”:

Alicia Silverstone. The star “Batman and Robin” was not always so slim.After the release of the film on the screen, the girl was particularly attracted attention. And when Alicia gained extra weight (at 165 cm tall, she weighed 65 kg), the paparazzi and the yellow press unanimously called her anyone, but certainly not the superheroine from the famous picture. Veganism helped the actress to get in shape. Due to the refusal of meat, Alicia quickly removed the extra centimeters, and, as she herself admitted, "felt a surge of energy."

This philosophy of life so liked Silverstone, that over time it turned into veganism, which provides for a complete rejection of animal products. Of sports loads, the actress chose yoga for herself.

Like many vegans and vegetarians, Alicia came to the defense of animals, and actively participates in various activities of this kind, donating sufficiently large sums to the funds.

Not so long ago, the world saw a book written by Silverstone called "Good diet." In her, she shares with readers the reasons for switching to vegetable food and describes in detail her experience.

Paul McCartney. The lead singer of the legendary The Beatles decided to change his taste habits thanks to the advice of his wife Linda, who at one time even engaged in the production of products for vegetarians.Paul and his wife became well-known activists among the stars who advocate for the protection of animal rights, and banning the use of genetically modified supplements.

The daughter of McCartney Stella follows the path of the parents. Working as a designer, she never uses natural fur and leather in her collections.

Brian Adams.Music is his life. But besides her, the singer spends most of his time working with charitable foundations. For more than 20 years, he has "confessed" veganism, and was so imbued with it that the artist's family also decided to support this idea. Refusing to eat meat, Adams, according to himself, got rid of the annoying allergies that haunted him for almost half a life.

Pamela Anderson. You will learn this gorgeous blonde from a thousand, even if she stands in a crowd of animal defenders. And she does it, and for many years in a row, collaborating with one of the most influential organizations of PETA, which advocates an “ethical attitude towards animals”.

The decision to abandon the meat actress and model took back in school, and never regretted it. Pamela skillfully used her attractiveness not only to earn money, but also to draw public attention to the problems of cruelty to animals.So, on one of the posters, a sexy blonde was dressed in a modest swimsuit, and her body was conditionally divided into parts. There was an inscription on the poster: “Every animal has the same body parts.”

Brad Pitt.For many years now, the dream of millions of women around the world has been trying to be a true vegetarian. True, Brad is not always able to fully. So, the actor admits that he could not abandon his favorite pizza, and sometimes he allows himself little weakness. Pitt's wife Angelina Jolie tried many times to follow in the footsteps of her beloved, but never managed to overcome her love for animal products.

Woody Harrelson.The actor, known to viewers in the Hunger Games trilogy, has been following a healthy diet for a quarter of a century without meat. In adolescence, Woody suffered from acne, and only when he refused dairy products, the situation changed radically. After that, he seriously reviewed all his menu.

Now the actor is not just vegan, but also grows organic food on his farm.

Natalie Portman.The decision to abandon animal products came from the actress in childhood, when a girl came with her father to a medical conference, where they used live chicken for the experiments.But Portman is perhaps one of the most calm adherents of this movement, and does not call anyone to follow its path. "My choice is my decision," she says.

Richard Gere. The Green Diet became an integral part of the life of an actor when he adopted Buddhism. And it brought Richard exclusively benefit. He feels young and full of strength. Daily yoga classes and proper nutrition, which implies moderate food intake, give energy and well-being to Gir.

Kristen Bell. In 2009 she received the title "The Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year". Kristen systematically transfers money to the fund to help animals, and does not get tired of telling everyone that she never liked the taste of meat.

Mike Tyson.All fans of the boxing star were surprised when they found out that he was a vegetarian. But he did not even think about it up to the tragedy. In 2009, his 4-year-old daughter died, and this radically changed the lives of celebrities. Michael's guide to plant nutrition was his wife. As a result, the boxer managed to lose more than 60 extra pounds and significantly improve his health.

Today, vegetarianism is no longer just a fashion, trend,This is the way of life of many people who voluntarily gave up meat in the name of their health and the lives of our younger brothers.

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