The most influential fashion brands in social networks

Sonya Morsikova April 20, 2017

Whose posts collect the most likes-repost, and live broadcasts - the most views and comments? Here is a ranking of the most influential fashion brands on Instagram and Twitter, compiled taking into account the degree of influence, as well as references and involvement of the audience. In general, the results are predictable: in the first ten, those who focus on millenniums (those who were born closer to zero and used to receive information momentarily) are friends with Rihanna and FKA twigs and do not neglect video content. It is all the more surprising that the top three, along with luxury giants Chanel and Louis Vuitton, turned out to be ... the American brand Christian Siriano (after all, it’s not for nothing that designer Christian Siriano gave a record number of bows to plus-size last week in New York fashion!) This is not the only surprise rating, as well as three sports brands Puma, Nike and adidas.

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