The pair put up their favorite houseboat for the sake of life. He is worth his money

In 2012, a retired couple built this amazing water house to spend the rest of their lives traveling. Unfortunately, my husband found a serious illness, and to pay for the treatment, the boat was put up for sale. For a ship of incredible design asking almost 230 thousand pounds.

The interior with huge sofas and an elegant table resembles the decorations for the James Bond film. The spaces on this boat are not less than in the houses of the same price category. But on this boat you can not just live, but travel to different countries.

The couple hopes that the sale of the boat will help provide treatment that can save the life of the pensioner.

This is how the boat looks like when sailing along the Thames.

The boat has a powerful diesel engine, kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom and two bathrooms.There is a stove that provides heating and floor heating.

Floating house is equipped with all necessary equipment.

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