The perfect wedding zodiac signs

A white dress, a photo session on the background of the city’s memorable places and a grand feast with a friendly fight in the finals ... the ultimate dream is not all. Every sign of the zodiac has its own wedding preferences. And today we will talk about the perfect wedding on a horoscope.


(March 21 - April 20)

Rose Gold Topaz Wedding Ring

Rose Gold Topaz Wedding Ring (To Order)

Not distracting from important matters, on the run I sign in the nearest registry office to work and again plunge into the whirlpool of business troubles and worries. Then find a free evening and arrange a crowded drunken party in a bar or club. Well, or prepare for a long time, sort out outfits, worry, not showing the form; order a grand banquet, carefully make a list of guests, filtering those who can spoil the mood, and then still turn the wedding into an alcohol-party.


(April 21 - May 20)

White and rose gold "JEWEROS" wedding ring

Wedding ring "JEWEROS" in white and pink gold (to order)

True and traditional, with all three hundred relatives, a classic wedding dress and a doll on the car,with Mendelssohn's march, we punish "who will bite off more" and a huge list of actions that the newlyweds must perform during the whole celebration. With gifts that will fill the house of the newlyweds and permanently remove them from the need to buy bed linen, household appliances, pans and other utensils. Well, with a marriage contract, confirming that the second half is not going anywhere.


(May 21 - June 21)

Efremov engagement ring in pink gold with diamonds

Rose gold diamond Efremov wedding ring with diamonds (order)

Let everything run its course and not bother, get puzzled by the entertainment program and forget about the feast, buy a wedding outfit, unlike the wedding dress from the word “absolutely”. A lot of dancing and flirting with everyone - from waiters to elderly relatives of the second half, to interrupt speaking toasts and interfere with the toastmaster. At the height of the holiday somewhere to disappear, then appear in a new outfit and fool everyone, including a nervous husband (wife).


(June 22 - July 22)

"JEWEROS" wedding ring in white and pink gold with diamonds

Wedding ring "JUVEROS" from white and pink gold with brilliants (to order)

Secretly, in a narrow circle, with small means, but with traditional and expensive dresses, all sorts of ritual wedding zamorochkami promising marry a long and happy family life, and a coin in the shoe.The guests are mostly relatives, everything is warm and solemn, long toasts and intimate songs. Practical gifts, on the table are simple homemade dishes, there is nothing superfluous and excessive in the interior, but everything underlines the importance of the moment.

a lion

(July 23 - August 22)

"JEWEROS" wedding ring in white and pink gold with diamonds

Wedding ring "JUVEROS" from white and pink gold with brilliants (to order)

So that everyone died of envy. Rich and royal. In a dress with a long train and a scattering of precious stones, the groom in a dress coat, a circle of flowers, champagne and music. The table is crammed with treats, guests are given personal gifts, stars, clowns, mummers and animals participate in the entertainment program. In the final - fireworks, well, and traditional scuffle, can be staged to amuse those who are still on their feet, and do not sleep face in a crystal basin with caviar.


(August 23 - September 22)

Sadko engagement ring in pink gold with diamonds

Rose gold engagement ring with diamonds (to order)

Dignified and noble, observing tradition, with an elegant dress, and so that it is in harmony with the suit of the groom. With an exquisite bouquet, a wedding photo shoot and a restaurant. But to invite people to a minimum (there’s no need to spend extra money), gifts are cherished envelopes with unlimited sums, and not a bed-and-breakfast misunderstanding, which then you don’t know what to do with.And no booze! And the menu of the feast is extremely useful and not burdensome for the stomach.


(September 23 - October 22)

Rose Gold SL Wedding Ring

Rose gold SL wedding ring (order)

In the spirit of Hollywood films, luxurious and cinematographic, with a wedding train, breathtaking dresses of spouses and bridesmaids, with the release of doves in the blue sky and a castle on the bridge of lovers. And necessarily a multi-tiered cake, throwing a bouquet to unmarried maidens and garters for single men, the first waltz of a married couple, kisses for camera clicks. And then the first wedding night on silk or lace lingerie in some luxury hotel.


(October 23 - November 21)

Rose gold and alcor wedding ring with diamonds

Rose gold "Alcor" wedding ring with diamonds (order)

In the spirit of the medieval mysteries, gothic, ominously, solemnly, with extremely extravagantly frightening guests. Or in the style of a sex party, with latex outfits and matching make-up, with invited strippers of both sexes (let the elderly relatives pile up in a faint) and with a chic cocktail card. And at the same time dream of a princess dress, pink ponies harnessed to a wedding carriage, and rose petals, smoothly circling in the air.


(November 22 - December 21)

Wedding ring "Cameo" in pink gold

Engagement ring "Cameo" in pink gold (order)

To come to the registry office on a motorcycle, in torn jeans and a T-shirt, to sign in a hurry and rush over the horizon. To go to one of the motels, drink a couple of beers and arrange a happy night of love, from which the whole building walks, and the neighbors behind the wall enviously sigh and complain to the receptionist. Yes, and mass rolevka as a wedding is also very suitable. And no official, crinoline, little doves in the sky, crowds of relatives and a boring feast with a drunken toastmaster.


(December 22 - January 19)

Pink and white gold SL wedding band

Pink and white gold SL wedding ring (order)

Plan everything yourself from the first to the last step and make sure that no one messes up anywhere. Scare the waiters in advance and rein in relatives. To invite rich acquaintances, bosses and other influential people to the wedding, to throw a grand banquet, while managing to figure out how much the income from gifts will block the expenses. Wedding dresses to rent, but to buy luxurious massive wedding rings.


(January 20 - February 18)

"JEWEROS" Wedding Ring in White Gold and Diamonds

Wedding ring "JUVEROS" in white gold with diamonds (order)

To send to the devil traditions and the bulk of relatives, eager to get drunk at someone else's expense. Well, and then creatively: in a dense forest, in the sky, at the bottom of the sea-ocean or on the roof of a skyscraper, so that only those close in spirit, outfits that are appropriate for the situation are near; buffet, dancing, original and very risky competitions. There are a lot of photos: the funnier, the better - and in general to do everything as if it were just a party, and not a celebration (otherwise suddenly the evil forces will envy and take away the happiness).


(February 19 - March 20)

"JEWEROS" Wedding Ring in White Gold and Diamonds

Wedding ring "JUVEROS" in white gold with diamonds (order)

Romantic and magical, a nimbus of roses on the head of the bride, a boutonniere of the groom, numerous oaths of eternal love, a radiance of pure emotions. Long and gently whirl in the dance with his soulmate, not noticing anyone around, or even after painting to escape to some picturesque uninhabited island to celebrate the wedding only together, to the sound of the surf and the cries of gulls. Bodily food is not important, enough nectar and ambrosia, well, a cake, a kilogram so on four.

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