The problem of peeling skin on the hands and face

Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed skin is the dream of any girl and woman, after all this is the first thing that catches your eye when meeting and communicating. However, most often, the beautiful half is not happy with what nature has awarded them, someone has red spots, someone has a rash, small wrinkles or excessive fat content, all of these problems are known to many of us.

But the constant peeling, dryness, and sometimes even itching are the reasons why many women sometimes come simply in despair, because getting rid of such unpleasant symptoms is not easy.

This problem has to be fought.

For some women, the reasons for skin peeling remain a mystery, like, what's the problem, I wash my face every day and use a nourishing cream. What else does?

It turns out that such causes and various factors can be quite a lot, so before starting a quick treatment, it is necessary to understand them, to reveal their own and even then to start a war with peeling. Most often, such problems are faced by owners of dry skin, but, in fact, it can overtake everyone.

And if a man may not even notice that he has something wrong, then the female nature will not be able to sleep if it does not find a solution to this problem.

Unpleasant peeling of the skin can manifest itself not only on the face, but also on the hands and fingers, sometimes even on the neck or on the legs. Exfoliating old skin is a normal process for the human body, but it should not be visible to us.

But if the skin particles began to shrink and fly around with every touch, they could be seen with the naked eye, then it is time to take on treatment. To begin to identify the causes, because of which the skin can peel off.

Causes of peeling skin of the face and hands

The reasons, most often, are divided into external and internal, and it is necessary to deal with them, respectively, in several different ways.

External causes

Most often, skin peeling occurs during the winter-spring period, when constant winds, frosts, and cold prevail outside, but sometimes the cause can be too hot and overdried air, hot sun and dry winds.

Do not forget, if you go outside in the cold or in a strong wind, then apply a protective cream on your face, the same goes for your hands, and gloves or mittens will help to escape from the negative factors.

In hot season, ladies with sensitive skin need to apply sunscreen or moisturizing cream with a degree of protection of at least 10.

Also, external factors include excessive use of various cosmetics, frequent washing of the face with soap, and this is especially true for products that have a pronounced antimicrobial and deodorizing effect.

In order to avoid peeling of the skin in this case, it is necessary to exclude the use of soaps or similar means, and to stop your attention on products that contain a significant amount of fat, for example, oils, olive or almond oil, products with a high content of cream, they will primarily have exactly moisturizing properties.

Beware of such an ingredient as lanolin, it is very often the cause of such incidents.

Peeling an unpleasant problem

Another cause of skin flaking can be excessive rubbing on the face and hands. Dermatologists advise that after washing, just gently blot her with a soft and clean towel, absorbing excess moisture, but in no case rubbing her face, thereby injuring the top layer of the epidermis.

Internal causes

If the problem of peeling of the skin is not based on any of the above, then, most likely, the fault is due to all internal factors that can not be cured with nutrients, creams or special decorative cosmetics. Here you will have to deal with the treatment "from the inside".

The internal causes include various types of diseases, most often, the usual peeling begins to be accompanied by itching, redness. It may be various hormonal disorders, infectious problems, which are difficult to deal with without the intervention of an experienced specialist, and it is not worth it.

Also, internal reasons include the lack of vitamins or, in other words, the state of vitamin deficiency. Most often it occurs in the spring or winter, when the last vitamins accumulated over the summer and autumn begin to be flushed out of the body.

In this case, the best remedy is eating various fruits and vegetables, you can drink a vitamin complex that is easy to buy at any pharmacy. Sometimes the cause of skin peeling may be an allergy, for example, to various kinds of additives and preservatives contained in the decorative cosmetics that you use.In this case, you will have to change the skin care products.

How to care for skin prone to flaking?

As we have said, dry skin of the face or hands is most prone to flaking. In order to prevent such an unpleasant effect, it is necessary to carefully select the means for caring for it, monitor the general condition of the body, and also observe the rules of personal hygiene. But if the peeling still befell you, then what to do?

In this case, various kinds of masks and moisturizers from traditional medicine help a lot, they are, by the way, very easy to prepare on their own. When the skin returns to normal, sometimes indulge it with such masks as a preventive measure.

Masks will save you

It is believed that most of all skin peel off from a lack of moisture, so always have in your arsenal means that prevent the evaporation of moisture. These include fatty creams and oils, even ordinary petrolatum will do. You can make very pleasant and useful face and hand masks from oils.

Recipe number 1

Mix a tablespoon of warm honey and a tablespoon of almond oil, apply the mixture to problem areas, leave for 10-15 minutes, after which everything is removed with a damp cloth or a wet cotton swab.In addition to almond oil, you can use others: grape, wheat germ oil, apricot and peach pits, tea tree and vegetable.

Recipe number 2

You can try to make curd pilling. For this we need a tablespoon of fat cottage cheese, a teaspoon of any of the above oils, a teaspoon of shredded rice, a good pinch of sugar and a tablespoon of milk. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, applied to problem areas, and gently rubbed for 2 minutes, then removed with a damp cloth.

Do not forget that going to bed without washing off the makeup is impossible, even if you are very tired. Remember that people with problem skin need at least once a week to do skin pilling and nourishing masks that, over time, will bring your skin in perfect shape. The main thing is patience! If you feel that the problem is not external factors, then do not over-tighten and consult a doctor!

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