The second victory of the week: Krasnoyarsk struck the jury with her perfect figure at the fitness bikini tournament in Prague

The 26-year-old blonde Ksenia Romanova returned to her native Krasnoyarsk from the Czech Republic by a two-time winner.

Less than a week has passed since we shared the good news that 26-year-old Krasnoyarsk Ksenia Romanova became the winner of the prestigious Arnold Classik Europe tournament in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

But the restless Ksyusha went to another fitness bikini tournament - EVLS Prague Showdown in Prague, which is considered the third most prestigious in the world.

Inspired by the victory in the Spanish Barcelona, ​​the girl shone and at this tournament among the participants up to 166 cm tall, eclipsed her rivals. The second was another Russian woman Olga Bodunova. The third place went to the Czech Andrea Molekova.

The next day, summed up in the super final fitness bikini in the absolute category.And here our Ksyusha also took the first place! On the second - Ukrainian Anna Us, on the third - Lilia Salimgareeva from Belarus.

By the way, after winning such serious competitions, Xenia received an invitation to take part in Ellite Pro Card tournaments. The first one will be held in Finland in Lahti on October 7th.

In the meantime, on October 2, the beauty returned to Krasnoyarsk to her favorite job at Step by Step Club.

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