The smallest cities in the world

There are many amazing corners in the world, and some of them are so small that they can be called the most miniature ones.

Top smallest cities in the world:

  1. Durbuy is located in Belgium, and there are only three hundred and a few people who live there permanently. At the end of the 9th century, the first castle was erected here, references to this place date back to the 11th century. But after a few centuries, the area with an interesting name began to be surrounded by city walls, and the police and even the local court began to work there. Today the town has become a favorite place for many tourists and exists at the expense of visitors. Almost at the foot of the medieval castle are stone houses, and the pavement, which has not changed since time immemorial, is still paved with cobblestones.
  2. In the US state of North Dakota is a small town with a strange name Maza. The area is very small and is only slightly more than 23 square kilometers. This city was founded at the end of the XIX century and retained its status until the beginning of this century.When the census was taken, it turned out that four people live in Maz: two men and two women.
  3. Enumerating interesting corners of the planet, it is worth mentioning Lanurtide-Wells. It is located in the UK, and this town was built not far from a large man-made lake, thanks to which it acquired the status of a resort. But the place is pretty well known, as the world championships for triathlon, the truth, are held here every year. Famous Lanurtid-Wells and other equally strange competitions, for example, the marathon of people against horses. As it passes, it is not clear, but it is precisely clear that the town can be safely included in the small rating.
  4. In the Czech Republic there is a town with a difficult name - Rabstein nad Strzhelo. Only twenty inhabitants live here, but the place is quite old and gained its status in the distant XIV century, and thanks to the very King Jan Luxemburg. At the moment, there is only one small street in Rabstein, at the end of which is the only city square. The main attraction of the town are the remains of the ruins of a medieval Gothic castle, which became the basis for the Baroque palace later erected.Most of the small local houses are used by the Czechs as dachas: in this quiet place to go on vacation and relax.
  5. The small town of Kallaste was located on the shore of the Estonian Lake Peipsi, which until the 23rd year of the last century bore a different name and was called the Red Mountains, as there are many rare rocks around it - red sandstones. The current name is supposedly derived from the word "shore". Only one-fifth of the native Estonians live in the territory, the rest are Russians. The main occupation of the population is fishing in the lake. The town occupies a little more than two square kilometers, and about a hundred people live in this small area.
  6. The Croatian city of Hum is known by many, since its small size is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, in which the town is recognized as the smallest in the whole world. This is a picturesque place on a hill and includes only two miniature streets, on which there are thirteen houses, but only seven inhabited. Over the millennium, the appearance has hardly changed. In the heyday of the population reached three hundred people, but now there are less than twenty.The mayor, elected by men at the stone table, governs the town. There is a local doctor, a fire brigade, a policeman and a judge in Hume. In the world wide web you can find the site of this unique town.
  7. The Vatican, which is worth visiting tourist, is known throughout the world for several reasons. First, it is the residence of the Pope himself and the world center of Catholicism. Secondly, it is the smallest state on the entire planet. Thirdly, the Vatican is also considered to be one of the smallest cities in the world, the population of which does not exceed 800 people, and many of them work at the church. The territory occupies only 0.44 square meters. km By the way, in the times of ancient Rome the place belonged to the category of saints and was not settled, but in the fourth century, Christians discovered the tomb of St. Peter and erected a basilica over it. Although there are local gendarmerie and even military forces in the Vatican, there is a city not at the expense of the state budget, but thanks to the investments and donations of the parishioners.
  8. Chekalin is considered the smallest Russian city in which about a thousand people live.The first settlement appeared in the distant sixteenth century, and for a long time the territory was called Likhvin. Prior to that, a Russian outpost was located here, and it was here that the sixteen-year-old partisan Chekalin was executed during the war. In the 44th year of the last century it was decided to rename the city. It is located on the Oka River, a hundred kilometers from Tula. There are several shops here, a church remains, a lot of abandoned houses. It seems that the city has always remained in the distant 50's.
  9. Băile Tu Тnad is the smallest Romanian city with a very numerous population by local standards - about 1.7 thousand people. The territory began to be actively settled in the middle of the nineteenth century, but the city status was granted only in the 68th year of the last century. Today it is a very popular mountain resort in Romania, famous for its springs. But there are also foreigners here, since water is endowed with amazing healing properties. Most of the local population is Hungarian-sekei.
  10. There is a small town in Bulgaria, its name is Melnik. The population is not numerous - just a little less than four hundred people.The place became known precisely because of the chalk cliffs, which are quite a few in the vicinity. In the XIII century, the town was considered the center of a feudal principality, and some fortresses have been preserved since those ancient times. At the end of the next century, not the best period of decline came, in which Melnik remained until the nineteenth century. But gradually in the town began to actively develop the cultivation of tobacco and winemaking, which began to generate income. The old buildings here are treated very carefully, and all new buildings are erected in the traditions of the Middle Ages, which allows preserving Melnik’s original look and making it attractive for visitors and Bulgarians.

These were the smallest and unique cities of the planet, which are worth seeing visitors.

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