These vintage puzzles still make you give up!

People were not always equally intelligent and quick-witted, to take at least the great civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, and Eastern countries, and afterwards - the dark, hopeless Middle Ages. And just after these darkest times, inquiring minds, starving for work, staged the maximum development of puzzles and logical tricks with tricks. It was considered the best entertainment to practice in wit, and not everyone had such a pastime in the teeth.


The level of education has grown, civilization opens up a whole world of new opportunities, but today, like a few centuries ago, not everyone is capable of solving ancient riddles. Can you?

Once upon a time there were two dashing cowboys who shared the title of the best rider in the whole Wild West. Often they competed with each other, trying to overtake an opponent, but the victory got one, then the second, and it was not clear who was better.Then one of the cowboys proposed to change the rules of the competition: now the one whose horse will come to the finish line second will win. Shook hands and went on the road on the appointed day, and around - a whole crowd of spectators. They gave the start, and the rivals stand - do not move, everyone wants to win. The people began to laugh, that this is the most ridiculous competition of all, and they already wanted to disperse, as the old man came out of the crowd, whispered something to the cowboys, they did something and rushed what is for the spirit ahead, trying to outrun each other. What did the old man whisper to the cowboys, if the main rule did not change: did he win, whose horse came second?


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Answer:He suggested that they exchange horses, and each man ruled the opponent's horse.

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What kind of European river, which can easily be cut off with a penknife?


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Answer:the river Seine or the river Prut.

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One rich landowner was going to go on an important trip along a busy road from early morning, but when he left the house, a guard flew up to him and persuaded him to cancel or move the trip, because he had a bad dream that this rich landowner would fall into terrible accident and die. The owner listened to him and fired.Why?


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Answer: no need to sleep at work!

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Market dialogue:

- What is the price of three?

- Twenty rubles!

- And if fifty three?

- Forty rubles!

- Oh, well, let's then one hundred and fifty three!

- With you 60 rubles!

What was it about, and how much does it cost?


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Answer: These were the numbers for the door of the apartment or office. One figure cost 20 rubles.

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