This thing seems very intricate, and you can make it in a couple of hours.

A real master always wants to conquer new heights. And needlewomen is no exception. I want to surprise loved ones and guests with craftsmanship, new patterns and ways of sewing. This patchwork seems like something incredibly complicated. Although in fact you have a very simple technique. You can sew such a patchwork plaid in 2 hours!

While sewing this blanket, block technique is used. And the finished thing can be obtained very quickly indeed. Forget about the fact that over sewing you need to spend evenings a whole day and a long time. Pick up any fabric that you like. The method is universal and suitable for different materials. A pattern looks much more interesting than ordinary squares or triangles.

To start, cut out 5 equally large squares. You can use patches of fabric of various shades. The larger the squares, the faster the work will go.Small squares will allow you to use the smallest patches, but you need to sit on a thing longer. It will take you about 10 minutes to make one block.

One of these squares will be the middle of the design. It must be placed in the form of a rhombus, imposing on it the remaining squares. The central square is folded in half and placed with a short edge between the other two squares. Each of them is combined with the front side of the half, its front side.

Two more squares are sewn in the same way to the other short side of the future diamond. You should have a kind of bridge between the two parts. Next, you need to combine the squares located on opposite sides of the middle, and fasten them with pins along a line that is an extension of the long side of the middle.

When you turn, you should have a diamond enclosed between four squares. Sew through the intended seams and iron the resulting part.

After ironing the part should be as flat as possible. To make the drawing even more interesting, you can round out the sides of the diamond a little.

Squares with rhombus can be framed with different shapes.

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