Through the thorns to the stars: a difficult path to the success of Russian celebrities

In modern society, it was felt that success in life can be achieved only by a child of famous parents or one on whose account in a Swiss bank an extra couple or three million dollars are lying around. And indeed, looking at the bright photos from which the next “pet of fate” smiles at us (for example, those that Ksenia Borodina puts in her instagram), it’s hard to believe that once everything was different, and he had to knock down doorsteps in search of at least some work. However, our celebrities never cease to amaze the world with their revelations about the past. Therefore, today we have prepared for you a selection of domestic stars, that they themselves came to success and were doing quite ordinary work until their moment of glory.

Stepan Menshchikov - he is both a carpenter, and a carpenter, and even a hunter in mice

Balagura and merry Stepan Menshchikov almost today knows the whole country.The young man who spent on the project “House 2” from the first days amazed the audience with his charisma and charm. However, few people know that by the time of debut, this shirt guy had already had an impressive school of life.

According to Stepan, he earned his first ruble when, as a child, he made his father a massage. Becoming older, he began to help his old man, working at the time a janitor. The teenager had to wash the porches, scavenge and do many other things that today's young people (even if not particularly provided for) only turn up their noses.

After the army, the young man got a car driver, but he did not work there for long, because realized that this profession was not his. Then in his life comes the period of study at the theater institute. But even here the young man does not shift the responsibilities of his content to others. During these years he tried himself as a caretaker, presenter, clown, and even a stripper.

The last place of his work was school number 514, where the guy was accepted as head teacher. However, realizing that “regular working life from 8 am to 5 pm” is not his, Stepan sets out to conquer Moscow, where he becomes the star of “House 2”.

Through the thorns to the stars: a difficult path to the success of Russian celebrities

Ivan Urgant - man-orchestra

The well-known showman Ivan Urgant, born and raised in the actor's environment, has dreamed since childhood to link his life with pop music. But the young man couldn’t go to work in the theater after graduation, because he needed to earn money. Therefore, he tries himself first as a waiter, then as a bartender, then as a show master in nightclubs. However, such a career “growth” does not bring much joy to the young man. And in 1999 he got a job working on Petersburg radio. Effort, diligence and innate charisma allow Ivan to catch his bird of happiness here. He finally gets on the screen, moves to Moscow and in just a few years turns from an unknown young man into a favorite showman of millions.

Alena Vodonaeva - "here it is necessary technically"

One of the most scandalous participants of “House 2” from childhood knew what she wanted to achieve from life. Born into a family of modest physicians and teachers, the girl could rely solely on herself, therefore, at the age of 12, she joined the city's fashion theater. At age 14, she tries herself in the field of journalism, publishing notes in a local newspaper.It should be noted, here things are going well for a girl, because very soon it is allowed to interview the capital's celebrities. Then follows the criminal heading, participation in the program “Moments” and writing a diploma. His Alain decides to devote to the features of reality shows, which at this time are just starting. So the girl gets on the casting of "House 2" and begins her career as a model and TV presenter.

Christina Asmus - patience and work all peretrut

Through the thorns to the stars: a difficult path to the success of Russian celebrities

Christina Asmus, widely known to the public as Varya Chernous from the TV series “Interns” has dreamed of the scene since childhood, ever since she first saw the TV series “Wild Angel” with the charming Natalia Oreiro. However, the parents decided that the career of an athlete would be better than their daughter, so from the age of 8 she begins to go in for gymnastics at Dynamo school. Nine years of hard work brought the girl the title of candidate for the master of sports, after which Christine decided to radically change her life and realize her dreams of a big stage. It is not even stopped by the expulsion from the Moscow Art Theater School. Having failed there, in 2008 she enters the Schepkin Drama School, after which she receives her “star ticket.

As you can see, not all modern celebrities can be classified as "golden youth". Many of them struck the road to glory with their perseverance, diligence and enterprise. You can hate / adore them, consider them talented / lack of talent, however, the fact that they themselves have realized their dream cannot be disregarded.

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