Timur Rodriguez became the host "Good night, kids!"

Russian showman, singer and actor 38-year-old Timur Rodriguez laid out in his microblog a picture with the legendary dolls from the program “Good night, kids!” - Sasha and puppy Stepashka.

The fans immediately began to congratulate the artist on the new project and noted that he looks very organically in the role of the host for the kids. Charming appearance, pleasant voice and kind smile - this is what children need before bedtime! However, Timur is not in a hurry to occupy this place.

26 Sep 2018 at 12:55 PDT

Timur Rodriguez

- I was asked to record two special issues “Good night, kids!” For the TV channels “Culture” and “Carousel”. So far, I have not even thought about becoming the presenter of this wonderful show. No time. I have many other projects. If I am invited anyway, then I may please the kids before bed.

Recall that the evening telecast for children of preschool and younger school age goes from September 1, 1964.She was led by many popular musicians, actors and writers. The plot of the program is based on the fact that the good little animals Khryusha, Stepashka, Filya, Karkusha and Mishka invite every day to visit famous adults who are asked questions about the world around them. Those, in turn, should explain everything in simple and accessible language for kids.

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