Tip 2: How to get back in good shape after pregnancy and childbirth


Sometimes you can eat too much

Every woman has such an edible “buckwheat”: pasta carbonara, a huge burger, mayonnaise salad, French-style potatoes or Prague-based chocolate cake — it can be anything. So is it worth scolding yourself for the fact that from time to time you can eat something that gives you great pleasure? Our life is so short. No need to spend it on empty experiences and hard diets.

Do not waste time

Friendship is very important, but is it worthwhile to rush headlong to the rescue of a “friend” who would not lift a finger for your sake? Or is it worth going to plaster the cottage to Aunt Shura, who is just a relative and uncomfortable to refuse? Worry better about what exactly will bring you help (or non-help) to this person. Sometimes it just happens that we are wasting all our forces on the help of completely unimportant people and simply forget about ourselves, about our desires, plans and feelings.

Travel more

You can do it alone, it will be even more interesting.At first, you can drive around at least your region, then travel around Russia, and only then decide on a world tour that is risky and full of interesting details. Many girls are afraid to go alone, as they are sure that they will not cope with the map, they do not know the language, etc. This and good travel to Russia to start. You can intuitively navigate in the cities and on the map (no matter what, the Soviet Union left a huge imprint, and now all the cities are similar), and in extreme cases you can ask for directions without using sign language and broken English. In general, traveling alone is a real luxury. You do not have to constantly worry about whether your travel partner wants to go somewhere, eat somewhere and you will not be late for him.

Accept yourself

Scientists have found that the appearance of their ideal body gives only a short-term feeling of happiness. To consolidate the effect for a long time, you have to accept yourself all, instead of with its own shortcomings. Of course, such an adoption does not mean that you should stop watching yourself, play sports and eat right. You just need to relax a bit: instead of a second workout for the day, go for a massage, instead of a cup of fresh oatmeal in the morning add some honey and berries to it,instead of refusing to meet with friends in a cafe, still agree and drink a huge cup of latte (see clause 1).

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