Tip 2: How to start kickboxing

You will need
  • - gloves, paws, protective covers and other sports equipment.
To practice you will definitely need a sparring partner, so try to engage with friends and hobby friends. Best of all, if there are at least four people in your group, then each of you will have three sparring partners with different physical characteristics and techniques.
Determine the place to practice; it can be any fairly spacious room. A school gym is a good option - talk to a physical education teacher or director, you will almost certainly be allowed to practice in the evenings. In the warm season, you can practice outdoors, in any place sheltered from prying eyes.
You should be aware that boxing training is the basis in kickboxing, so you need to pay close attention to it. At the same time, you should immediately learn to organically combine punches and kicks, otherwise you will become a "legless" or "armless" fighter.
At the very beginning of training it is important to master the culture of movements. When learning specific hits and combinations, pay attention to the plasticity of movements, their organic nature. Over time, you will learn to feel the right movements and trajectories - they will be beautiful, filled with power. And on the contrary, wrong movements are always surprisingly clumsy and unaesthetic.
Pay attention to the technique of striking. A good blow is not dealt only by hand or foot, in this case there is no power in it. Always use the wave principle when the beating limb becomes a conductor of force arising in the legs, muscles of the back and shoulder girdle. Such a blow is very strong and scathing. In this case, you can perform it in two versions.
In the first case, a point punch, hand or foot is fixed (stops) at a point located in the opponent's body at a depth of several centimeters. This leads to the fact that all energy is released in a very limited area. If you strike such a blow to the face, the opponent does not fly away to the side, but falls in place.
In the second variant, the strike is carried out with a carry, the opponent is simply swept away by him.As a rule, such strikes go along circular paths, therefore, in case of an opponent's evasion, you do not lose balance.
Learn to strike a series of blows. And not two (one-two), but at least three. Quite a lot of athletes use only doubles in sparring, which allows the opponent to easily adapt to this fighting style, makes the kickboxer predictable. On the other hand, three consecutive strokes are very effective, and it is rather difficult to defend oneself or evade the third strike.
Practice not only strikes, but also a variety of sweeps, while learning to perform them quickly and organically. Keep in mind that if you do cutting from a static position, it is unlikely to reach the goal, the opponent will easily defend himself or leave the attack. Conversely, when an undercut is performed after a series of other actions, it becomes very unexpected. It is important that there is no pause between cutting and previous actions. The technique of a good fighter is distinguished precisely by fusion, plasticity, he does not have separate strokes and movements. Work out a similar culture of movements, and high sporting achievements will not keep you waiting.

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